Monday’s Mood

The Santa Barbara Woodie show was well attended this year by both Woodies and Hot Rods. They have a special section for Hot Rods on the lower level of the grassy area at the college. Our group enjoyed the day with the lots of food, drink and camaraderie. The Woody attendance was under one hundred with some new ones. The age of Woody owners starts around 55 and goes up from there. I guess, considering the cost of a Woody, you could say they attract an affluent group of individuals. While the cost of ownership has come down in the past 5 years they still approach six figures in many cases. Young people who can afford these wagons simply don’t have the interest and enjoy Porsches and muscle cars. We have events for all car lovers in California. The event was over in the late afternoon and we all enjoyed a beautiful ride along the coast heading back to LA with some great views, traffic and dreams of another great adventure in Santa Barbara. The last Woody event will be held at Wavecrest in late September which is the grandaddy of them all. See you there.

I have been working on Poppy (deuce roadster) for the past few days and have made some progress on fixing some items that required some attention. The hood never fit right so I took it off and started over. The process took the better part of my afternoon but the results were worth the effort. I like the gaps to be close and the hood fitting snugly to the cowl, not hanging out at the bottom. While not perfect, it looks and fits much better and will stay that way. I also had a conversation with Jerry Kugel yesterday and solved the steering problem. He told me he and Boyd used the same Fiat rack and pinion steering gears with machined tie rod ends. He also has them in stock. Jerry had a vast knowledge of the suspensions he builds and is still active in his business. Thanks Jerry!

Stay Tooned!



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The 1939 standard makes a  nice ride also.

Perched high atop the knoll was this beautiful 1947 Woody.

The view from the hill was breathtaking and we could watch the races.

Still overcast when we arrived but soon we were blessed with full sunshine.

Ryan at Reed’s Design did a lot of work on this one.

One of the better engine compartments at the show.

I had not seen this shoebox previously but it was also very nice.

The Silent Auction is always full of interesting items like these Woody books.

The fellow behind us won the surfboard on the right. He had a roof rack so — no problem. The Paddle Board would require a truck to bring home.

For you sedan delivery lovers I found this rare taillight bracket and door dovetail on the HAMB. NOS and hard to find.

I spent all day Friday cleaning these two for the weekend cruising.

The front of the hood now fits the grille shell with a small gap.

The rear of the hood now fits perfectly and doesn’t hang out at the bottom.

The next item to correct on Poppe is the R&P steering – tie rod situation.

I leave you with my Monday’s Mood photo. An open wheeled roadster is what a Hot Rod is all about.

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