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The focus for the remainder of the year will be to rebuild the engine in Pepe. I have been limping around in the garage cleaning off old gasket sealer and polishing the Edelbrock C-Tech 300 heads. I am not able to bend over the fenders to clean the intake front and rear ridges which have been blessed with black seal coat that refuses to come off easily. Donnie will have to do that. I also noticed that looking into the water jackets them seem to be more rusty than I like so Mr. Google provided me with some tips on removing the rust without removing the engine once back together. Each day I learn more and more about this motor and I am happy that I can still understand today’s engines and changes that have taken place with EFI and high horsepower blocks. I have the radiator out and the local shop is making sure it is clean and working properly. It has performed well for a very long time but I wanted it clean to start with next year.

The holidays will be taken up a lot of my time but I will still have time to due diligence to Pepe’s engine and engine bay. Maybe a new color for the block would be good. Nothing too bright but something other than black. I like Chevy Hugger Orange but that may be a little bright for this old dude. Jane is a good judge of color so she will decide. Isn’t it wonderful to have a partner who gives you good advice! I had the engine failure on October 15 and knee surgery a month later so I have not been able to do anything but dream lately.

        Remember my old saying — “Without Dreams there would be no Happy Endings in Life!”

The 13th Annual Malibu Christmas Parade in being held on December 11, 2016 and is always a fun day for Woody owners in the area. Jane and I look forward to the parade each year. I will have to hitch a ride this year as my car is broken just like my knee.

Stay Tooned!


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Just in time for Christmas!! Mike Chase’s new Deuce book is really a required item for Deuce lovers this year. The new book features several Deuces from Northern California. Thanks George for my copy! Your cars looks great in the book.


Billy showed up at coffee with his new ride. I love 34’s and this one is very, very nice. The rood has been lowered 2 1/2″ and an LS motor installed for plenty of power for the cruises he will be enjoying.


The beautiful red interior compliments the silver gray exterior which is flawless.


The car was built in Oregon and now has a new home in our town.


Not sure where this beauty resides but it belongs in my garage. Now this is my kind of Hot Rod!!!


The 3 – window hiboy is favorite of many who like the model 40 Fords.


I like the 5 – window version also. Some of Rudy’s fine metal work on this beauty.


Ray receives lots of accolades with his version of Lucy. Nice job Ray!!


This photo is of a current project at Foose’s restoration of an early John Buttera build for Richard Lovesee. Richard passed away and not sure of the rest of the story but I’m sure it will be a crowd pleaser when finished by Foose. I believe Richard also owned McMullen’s Deuce roadster at one time. Chuck Lombardo had the interior in his shop in Huntington Beach when I used to work with Chuck.


The story goes that the original suspension was put under the Vern Luce coupe penned by the famous automotive artist Thom Taylor.


Here is the master showing off Vern’s Coupe and Jamie’s roadster. Boyd was the leader of the smooth look and the independent suspensions of the 80-90’s.


Chad Adams has made quite a name for himself building this stylish roadsters. He uses his own chassis with a FG body and the Stanley Wanless windshield. He also is good at choosing colors that are little different from norm for both the exterior and interior. The last time I asked they were running about $50K which is very inexpensive compared to the $200K ones I know about. Somehow the composite of the body really doesn’t matter when you end up with a beautiful roadster. I wonder is Wescott still sells any bodies. They were the best in my mind.


The look is being built in garages across the US with an occasional roll outside for a better look at the profile. Get out in your garage and give it a shot. Santa may help you with some of the parts….hint, hint !!


I have always loved this photo. Probably just stopped for a photo opportunity or maybe a pit stop. Nothing fancy but loads of fun and plenty of lookers without breaking the bank.


Terry can build Hot Rods as shown by his old sedan that he had for many years.


I like the 29 0n Deuce rails and wish I could fit in one.


The Eastwood roadster sure looks great after Jim finished it and drove it to the LARS this year.


For the man that has it all this is a perfect driveway scene on Sunday afternoon. Don’t bother me I am dreaming.


For my readers who are in the cold climate, this should make you feel good. Pull it out and send me a photo in the snow.


Some of you brave snow birds may add chains and take the kids for a ride. Not legal in LA but cute!

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