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I have had a lot of discussion with my readers about the new Brookville Phaeton body. Most people liked the drawings but not the actual body style as shown. I think that will change once we see the finished product. I think the biggest drawback was the cost of the body and chassis — $35,000 for the body and $18,500 for the chassis. This would be aimed at the high end customer who could afford the price of entry. As with anything new to the market, consumer acceptance is important to the success of the product. Early ordering by some retailers I know indicate that the confidence is there, as having inventory that is slow moving, is not in most business plans that I dealt with. Time will tell but with the talented people behind this product you can bet that the end result will be an AMBR or Ridler winner within a year or two. A Deuce will always have a following regardless of the move to later models by the majority of younger builders.

We are heading into the holiday season with Thanksgiving and Christmas only a few weeks away. Our family loves to get together during this festive time and enjoy the children. The excitement of being thankful and exchanging gifts is always a memorable event. I don’t expect any Hot Rod parts but you never know until Christmas Day. Santa can surprise us when we are least expecting one our wishes. I will be away for some period of time starting with Thanksgiving but will update my blog when possible.

What’s on your wish list?


Stay Tooned!



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I still think the best way to build a two-door tub is with a sedan rear section and a roadster cowl like Boyd did. This project became a roadster as Boyd thought that was what I needed with my budget. Body from Wescott was $2500 and his chassis was around $7K to me with the wheels being another $2500. He was right as always!


Pete built a hiboy Phaeton before most people had seen one. This was a 4-door but could be made into a tudor easily.


Here is a young Pete with his roadster and a NJ license plate. He still has those shorts.


Don’s last Koffee & Kix had a super clean deuce tudor built by the Deuce Farm. I fell in love again.


Black and Beautiful with a very clean look is how to describe this Deuce sedan.


I received some photo’s of Gene’s classic 34 roadster with a perfect 2″ chop using stock irons and bows. He has owned the car for 48 years and had Rodger help him with the chop.


A side shot shows the flow of the top. Apple Green wires go back to the 70’s. A beautiful roadster !!!


Here is the stock top bows showing the raised portion to miss the driver’s head.


The Model 40 looks just as classy with the top down. The owner just added some new tires to his ride.


I also like the cabriolet which doesn’t need to be chopped to look good. These are my wife’s favorite ride. Billy has a project one in his inventory but the price is beyond my wallet. These tops do fold down and the windows roll up for the nasty day cruises.


I do love the sedan hiboys like this one done by Troy. Major modifications and one off ideas make it worth a second look.


The classic 1940 Woodie just is perfect in my mind. Not too big and not too small — just right!


My friend George has joined the Woodie Wagon Club with his new purchase of this Roy Brizio built, Brewster Green, 1940 woody. The car has quite a Northern California history and has been driven very little. Congrats George and we look forward to seeing you at Wavecrest.


Some people store their presents that Santa delivered early in their 40 trunk.


I have much more room and therefore more present space. I just don’t have an engine yet!

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