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I hope all of you had a wonderful Labor Day weekend and our ready to go back to work in the garage or you job tomorrow. Jane and I relaxed and enjoyed ourselves by taking Pepe for a few short cruises. Tuesday I will start on the rear door for Pepe for the third time. I am doing it myself this time. I am tired of paying for poor work. I can do that myself! Looking for the paint will be a problem but I think I have a source for 93000 black.

September is filling up with our Back Road Boys adventure to the Rock Inn, Wavecrest and the Outriders Picnic. I will also have a pusher fan installed prior to the trips. I have a big month planned and hope I can accomplish all my plans. You know what they say, ” Planning is the most important phase of reaching your objectives!” Energy follows focus will prevail this month.

Enjoy your week!

Stay Tooned!




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The RB coupes always are built with their signature look. These bodies are hard to find and expensive when you do locate one. I wonder how you drive one of these in CA.

Pleasanton (101 of 46)

Patina sedan looks familiar and has Pete Eastwood written all over it.

Pleasanton (126 of 46)

Tom captured this nice photo of a 1936  Ford sedan delivery.


Walt let me drive his new/old roadster and I actually fit in this former AMBR contender. Nice ride and thanks Walt.


Walt is explaining to Jane how the hood fits on his Boyd Roadster.


Dick, a long time shop manager at Boyds, has put his roadster on the market. This would be a very nice ride as I watched him put it together.

IMG_2180 IMG_2181

Gary sent in some photos of a Georgia 1940 coupe that looks flawless in black.


I never grow tired of Henry’s sedan. I still think it was a trend setting for Deuce hiboy sedans similar to Sharon Kolmos’s Fat Jack sedan of the 80’s.


Bob and Sharon had matching hi-tech sedans in the 80’s.


FJ has the touch when it comes to detailing a car. Sharon’s was state of the art when built. Lil’John helped in the design.


Lil’John built the front axle and added coil-over front shocks.


Boyd added the IFS to Bob’s so they had a real test over which rode and handled the best. Boyd’s won!


Bob’s trend setting Deuce had the look of the 80’s!

Kolmas Tub

I had Boyd build me a clone chassis except with his IRS. I located a body and cowl but soon became impatient and put a Wescott roadster body on the chassis. The doors were over my head.


This is the same chassis with a roadster body installed. Wescott was the best back in the 80’s.


I copied Murray’s car except wheels.

Some dreams come true and others take more time!


 Jerry finished the roadster and entered in the Oakland Roadster Show as a contender.

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