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Jane and I celebrated our 51st wedding anniversary this weekend and were joined by our son’s wife and grandchildren. Life doesn’t get much better than this. Sometimes the cars take a place farther down the line and family comes first. My grandson loves my cars and all the tools in the shop. I had to explain all of them to him and even had him operating the cherry picker and hydraulic jack. I’m hoping he loves the hobby and he will inherit all of my assets when I move along to the other side. We need to keep the youngsters involved even if it’s with later cars.

When I look back at the number of cars I have owned over the last 60 years, I can only think that I am a lucky man to have been able to pursue my passion and work for a car company that kept me in the forefront of our hobby. My father taught me the basics, college taught me the business sense and engineering skills required to work for General Motors, where I was with people who shared the same passion both during work and after. I am very grateful for all of those who helped me along the way and to those who are no longer with us. The journey has been long and sometimes difficult but well worth the effort. I look forward to the next year of dreaming with my wife about what we will do next to make our life together even more memorable than the last 51 years. She always has ideas that make it look easy.

I will share with you some of my loves over my career building cars. Most of us are always dreaming about the next love!!!

The week brings P-Town and the Goodguys — so off we go again to another car event. Life is sure not boring for car guys and gals.

Stay Tooned!


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Jane and I delivered YaYa to Charlie and had the trip of a lifetime in the grapes of Paso. If you have never tried one of these you are missing a great ride.


My first one was like your first love. You never forget her.


Tempting to purchase another love of mine but the FG scares me and I don’t know why — maybe caught up in the no FG car times.


I have sure been thinking about one of these lately to add to my new chassis. They don’t seem to be that hard to find in the project form. The grandkids would love it.

Scan 11

This was my Tri-Five era that Boyd got me into. I should have kept the Nomad by Squeege.


I like them with the chopped top the best. I know of one here locally but it is cut in half at the rear door.???


Bold Green looks good on this 34 Phaeton. I would have to move the seat back.

pheatonnss 001

Model 40 Phaetons seem to be stored away in shop corners all over the US.


I also like the 36 when done like this beauty.


The Brookville RPU makes a nice ride also. Room is still a problem in these for me.


Steve has one of the nicest around and was in contention for the AMBR recently.


His RPU is a stunning example with excellent detailing and craftsmanship.


My final love is the Woody Wagons. Ruby was a great experience for Jane and I and walt thank Walt for letting us be the caretaker for a spell.

John added whitewalls which gave her a “good girl” look.


Walt cleaned up the engine compartment and the black treatment looks perfect to me.


My other love is the 40 Woody that Steve has. Mint, Primo, original etc!!!


He will take this one to his grave.

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