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My first experience with a Deuce was a clapped out 5-window. I never dreamed that I would own one but I got lucky. In fact, I preferred them over a 3-window (that later changed) and bought several over the years. Today, with the reproduction 3 and 5 window coupes rolling off the assembly line your dreams are just some serious money away. The 5-window seems to be the latest trend by many Deuce lovers and I like that movement — as it brings back some found memories of the 60’s and my love of the Deuce. As usual, I like the fender-less models but have owned both over the years. To me a Hot Rod doesn’t have fenders and that’s that! Many will argue for fenders with no chop and I agree they look fantastic, but show me a Hot Rod with a big motor and I will do a walk around making notes.

Four door Deuces are also popular as many builders are just looking for something to build other than roadsters and coupes. Several nice examples are shown below to give you an idea of how nice they can be. In the four door scenario, I like them with fenders best of all. The tudor is best without fenders in my book. No matter what your preference is for the Deuce — they will always be at the top of the list for many enthusiasts. Many who own Deuces also have a 40 of some type to take on longer journeys and enjoy more room in the cockpit. Deuces and Forties just go together like meat and potatoes.

NSRA Bakersfield was a success for our group who attended. Lots of late model cars but a few nice older cars also. Turlock seemed to be packed with sellers on a beautiful weekend at both events. The LARS is fast approaching and the roadsters will be heading to Pomona for another great show. Make your room reservations early.

Stay Tooned!




Roy built Vic a UPI 5-window with his usual perfection. His cars always have the correct stance and flowing lines.


Fender-less 5-windows really look good to me.


In High School we would have left off the hood to showcase the engine and chrome.


A heavy hammered 5-window looks race ready with that grille and Moon disc’s.


Nice photo of the 5-window and the threatening sky overhead.


I know the fellow who had this one built and Dave at the Forge builds some nice Deuces.

Poteet Roadchamp '32 5wd (by Moal Coachbuilders) 2

Moal also built a one-off 5-window for Poteet.


Bruce had this one for sale on this famous driveway at his shop.

DeHeras 4-1

Chuck was one of the first with a chopped 4-door Deuce built by the Kennedy Boys.


Don followed up on the Deuce 4-door craze with his center post-less model.


The latest 4-door from Moal is Bruce’s beautiful example.


Joe has his roadster ready for some driving. Love that Duvall windshield.


Perfect 50 shoebox with chopped top and Baby Blue paint. This car reminds me of one I saw at the Alton Dragway in the 50’s with a Cadillac.


The photo is dated 1959 which is the year I graduated from high school. No hinges and channelled — maybe welded shut!


Derek Bower built his Deuce and was the feature car on the Petersen poster for the 75th anniversary show.


The car has a Hemi that is full tilt and pushes the Wescott body along in fine style. Derek is a noted builder in the Burbank area.


Some dual gauges and a LZ steering wheel complete the package.


The swap meet at Turlock was full of good stuff for the buyers.


My High School buddy has a fleet of Hot Rods but this one is my favorite — the other Deuce.


The 40 sedan is the ride for the long haul trips.

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