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It seems that driving your Hot Rod is something most of us do on a regular basis. I enjoy driving something that you had a hand in building or buying. I seem to love fixing things on purchased Hot Rods and I love the tear down and rebuilding of early iron. I don’t have the body for full on restorations any more, but I can still do the light work without much trouble (Aleve) or other complications. Seeing progress on your project gives you an ego that you actually made the part and it worked. Some failures are bound to happen but making a part more than once is not shameful. I remember visiting Lil’John’s place and there would be a pile of scrape parts in the corner. He always said, ” It must be right or I won’t put my name on it.” I am not that fussy, but do like it to be safe and functional without obvious design flaws. Due to a busy schedule this year I haven’t worked much in the garage but hope to get back at it soon!

The Early Times Mid-Winter Rod Run is Sunday, February 28. The meeting place is at Richard’s Place and leaves at 9:00 AM. Should be fun as always. We have a group planning on attending.

Have a productive week!

Stay Tooned!


Stay Tooned!



B 25 009

My friend Dave, who has a fleet of Hot Rods, drives his trusty tub most days and was captured in front of this B-25 in Camarillo, CA. The tub has over 200,000 miles and is still going strong. Purchased from Neal East in the 60’s and redone by Dave over the years.


Dean captured this 34 roadster which looks good in the silver paint (including grille) and black top.


The back has a nerf bar and LZ tail lights.


Ken has decided to sell his convertible and you can read about it under Cars For Sale. Looks to be a beautiful Hot Rod.


Several of our Donut shop crowd like the 1939 Ford convertible sedan. The project is located in snowy Chicago and is priced right but would require lots of work.


Lew has a nice selection in his garage. He has long been a 40 Ford and Deuce fan. (5-window)


This R&C cover car, was a dream of mine for many years. I saw it at the NHRA Nationals in Indy. All chrome undercarriage!


Mel decided to take his beautiful roadster out on a rare winter day in IL.


Pete likes to race his cars as well as drive them on the road. Here is his famous roadster in race trim.


Frank has another new Deuce for his fleet. From MI, and older Henry sedan that looks great. Hairpins, Halibrands and dropped axle complete the package.


Steve and the CCR’s went to lunch and this 34 showed up and started his dreams again.


A pair of Deuce Woody’s are a rare sight. Big rake on the black one.


This one is close to the original Winterleaf Brown color.

In the Garage


Gary, from Cornhusker, has been using a straight rear crossmember with the Winters QC for several years. Rubber snubbers are used in the C-nothches.


He reports no clearance problems and it looks like he moves the 2×2 tubing back about 1 1/2″ . No floor issues with this set up. I am changing mine so I don’t have to cut the floor. Thanks Gary!

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