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Building a chassis at age 75 requires some forethought prior to entering into the project. I have always preferred to make my parts rather than purchase, as that is what my father taught me to do. He used to say, “son — we can build that and then we know it will be right.” I think that was primarily his thoughts due to the cost or lack of availability of the part. Today, we can purchase just about everything we require for our builds either locally or over the net. The cost sometimes is far less than building it yourself, even considering shipping. Material cost have driven DIY projects to new highs whereas, purchased parts, (due to high volume discounts) allow manufacturers to offer them for substantial less. Speedway Motors is a perfect example of that business case. While many think the quality of off-shore products is inferior to products made in the USA, I personally have not found that to be true with my purchases form Speedway. Granted, you should be aware of super low prices for items on ebay and other auction sites, but Speedway has been in business for many years and are good folks to deal with.

I priced out my center X-member and the tubing alone is almost the same as buying a knock down kit from Tubular Dynamics and other suppliers. I will still build my own as that’s what I do, but I’m not sure it’s worth the effort. The front shock/headlight mounts from P&J are in the same category so I did purchase them as I did previously. P&J’s are super nice people to deal with and when you call there — most of the time you are talking to the owner Jerry, who helps you with your questions. Our suppliers to the industry are truly an asset to our hobby and can save you lots of time and money when building your chassis. A complete chassis today, from Cornhuskers, P&J, TCI and others will speed up your project by several months. If you prefer to do your own (like me), then they will help you make the right selection of parts. The hobby continues to attract new enthusiasts who like to build a Hot Rod in their garage and for me — that’s a great big log being thrown into the fire.

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I love the seldom seen 29 roadster on Deuce rails like this one. Add the DuVall windshield, a nice rolled pan with a nerf bar and you have a true classic. Photos from the recent show in Seattle.


Another 29 takes its place next to the two Deuces for a nice comparison.


Don shot this photo in front of Doug’s in AZ. I have been following this 34’s transformation and it looks good. I like the Cadillac also.


I have a soft spot for the 33 tub shown here. I have seen this car at several meets and I truly love the patina.


The side profile with the top off, chopped windshield and stance is just plain righteous!


White firewalls were the rage in my days and they seem to be popular again as seen on this 34 roadster.


I have not seen many channelled roadsters but this one showed up in my mailbox this week. Large diameter wheels and tires add to the look.


P-Wood was out cruising in his patina sedan that he has owned for a long while. Looks like Paul’s Tub was on the same run.


Duane was working on his hood sides and drove the coupe out anyway — he won best coupe! Congrats!


He has been working on Doug’s sedan and has it ready for paint.


He is using PPG 589 base with 4010 clear to achieve a similar look to the Concept 9300 which is a really black finish by PPG.

Monday’s Photo!


Danny has added this beautiful B-400 to his collection of Deuces. Looks familiar.


I have always thought these cars looked good done in a resto-rod style like this one.

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