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There was lots of activity in the Hot Rod world over the weekend and more to come in the remaining days of August. The NSRA Louisville Nationals finished with a huge turnout of cars and spectators. Over 10,000 cars should be enough to keep any gearhead busy for a few days. Hot August Nights in Reno had a successful event also. Andy Leach of Cal Creations won the BJ award with a 1962 Chevrolet Impala and a large check for the owner. The season is in full bloom and ready for another couple of months of good times for our Hot Rods. Monterey Speed Week, Goodguys P-Town and the Santa Barbara Woody Club event will keep Jane and I busy for the rest of the month.

She was very instrumental in cleaning Pepe after our adventure last week. We spent the entire morning detailing the inside and outside of the car in order to maintain the appearance desired for next weekend. Women have the ability to clean far better than I can. I seem to become discouraged with removing grim and grit from various places and soon I just push it under the floor mat — no one will see it, right! Wrong, Jane cleans everywhere and is very through. I put the car in the garage and worked on the chassis the rest of the day. I had a difficult time with the front spreader bar and the frame horns moving after removing from the jig. I guess this is normal but I put it back in the jig and quite for the day. I will tackle that problem tomorrow.

P-Town has a full week of tours that sound interesting and I’m sure participants will see some amazing projects and collections in the rich San Francisco area. I will be up there on Thursday following our Santa Barbara and Monterey visits. I look forward to seeing the cars and enjoying the sights of the beautiful  Bay Area, but I am really excited to see my grandkids, Sydney and Izzy. Life precious gifts that grow up all too fast.

Thought for the day —You can quickly judge the character of a man by the way he treats those who can do nothing for him. (Malcom Forbes)

Keep smiling and you will be happy!

Stay Tooned!



The interior received a full cleaning complete with leather polish on the seats and door panels. They do get dirty if you drive them. I don’t know how to use that machine, but Jane is an expert.


The front spreader bar didn’t want to fit after I took the bolts out of the jig. The reason was that the frame horns moved in about 1/4″. I will decide what to do tomorrow.


Joe took some nice photos at Louisville that he posted on FB so here is a super nice 34 sedan delivery that I have featured previously.


Dale posted a photo of this beauty and I fell in love (again) with the B-400.


Joe was on hand at Louisville with his 34 roadster. I am starting to like the rear apron.


I am a big fan of the cars built by Adams Hot Rods in GA. The roadsters have “The Look.”


Here is another photo by Joe and exemplifies the meaning of “Traditional Build.”


Jerry Johnson, of NSRA, passed away recently and this was his famous sedan delivery that he drove to the West Coast. Ed rebuilt it into another show winner. RIP Jerry. He liked my various deliveries over the years.


Here is another B&W photo from Delphine in WI showing Al and his grandson cruising in the tub. We need to keep bringing them up right.


I would really like to attend TROG. What could be more fun than this setting on the beach!


1932 Ford Sedan Delivery

Doug knows sedan deliveries but can’t decide what state he is from.

Photo of the Day


Dale, “The Deuce Guy,” is one of the strong supporters of our hobby and all around great guy. He doesn’t let a little wind, rain, sun or broken springs stop him from going on all the rides. Have a safe trip home Dale.

Congratulations to Andy Leach of Cal Creations


The BJ winner in Reno was this Andy Leach of Cal Creations 1962 Chevrolet Impala.


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