Monday’s Mood

We had a very warm weekend in LA and thanks to some of my friends and Bob-O’s flexibility we were able to solve the fuse blowing starter system. I want to thank, Tim, Dave and Bob-O for their assistance. You may recall that I could not start Pepe due to the fuse blowing each time I pushed the 40 style start button. I did a lot of research on the web and took all the knowledge to the car but somehow I was confused by the old style relays that are in the car. They look like a horn relay with three spades. Bob-O and I tried jumping everything and finally after 3 hours of laying on our back took another long look at Dave’s diagram and decided that the culprit was past the output side of the relay. We put in the 9th fuse, put the car in neutral and presto, the car started. The neutral safety switch must be bad as it starts every time in neutral. I will install a new one tomorrow or find the bare wire and hopefully be ready for the mystery road trip on Tuesday with the “Roadster Boys”. I learned a lot about how my car is wired and how to fix if on the road (hopefully). Hot Rods are meant to be trouble free but sometimes they forget just like I do. Needless to say, I am starting the week off in a good mood.

Del Mar was this past weekend as well as the Roundup and judging by the photos on the HAMB were both a success. I know rain came in TX later but a little rain never hurt a true Hot Rod. I attended Don’s Coffee & Kix on Saturday and had a good time looking at the Corvettes and other cars in attendance. Next month is roadster month so be sure to save the date and bring your roadster. Next weekend brings the Doheny Woody show and the Celebration of Life for Tom Medley at the NHRA Museum. The season is in full swing and now is the time to enjoy your Hot Rod.

Have a fantastic week thinking about the weekend.

Stay Tooned!


Here is a nice Vicky that has come up for sale on the Hawaiian Island. Could be put back to stock easy or leave as is and have a sleeper. If you have an interest let me know.

The same owner also wants to sell his Henry roadster that is ready to go. More details are available for interested parties.

Here is what my relays look like and are located way up under the dash. I want to rewire these to the Bosch style and put them where I can reach them without standing on my head. Bob-O is really flexible and twisted his way up under the dash.

Coffee & Kix featured Corvettes from the Valley. All of these vintage machines were very nice and brought back lots of memories to many of us. The value of these cars today, truly amazes me.

A seldom seen 1935 – 3 window was my favorite at Don’s. A very well thought out theme and execution required a second look by my friends.

The red rolled and pleated interior with the 39 Banjo and restored stock gauges were all touches I love.

A rear 3/4 photo shows the nice stance of the coupe which has a SBC, auto and parallel leafs to make it road worthy.

Dave drove over his trusty 34 tub for all of us to admire. He has owned this one since the 60’s and has close to 200,000 miles logged on the car. It is pretty much the same as he purchased it from Neal East.

I stopped at my friend Chip’s house to see his latest restoration for one of his many customers. The is an ultra rare “Air Box” 1957 Corvette that is one of 49 GM built for racing. Chip did a full frame off restoration and the car is sure to be a winner. The value of this car is around $350K which is about the price of a pro built Deuce roadster these days.

You can see the Air Box in the driver’s side fender well. Flex tubing was run down the through the fenders and in theory would exit cool air to the big brakes installed on these cars. A problem was detected that the driver’s rear brakes would fail due to the high demand of the FI unit which also required lots of air when under a heavy acceleration.

If you like the Halibrand Champ as I do, then you should know the Winters axle tubes and adapters will fit the 11 bolt housings.

Monday’s Red Deuce!

Tom Prufer, a legend in the Bay Area built this beauty in the early 90’s. I watched the car being built at Dan Finks as my roadster was in the shop at the same time. The car was sold to the famous 3W Larry from OK and from there I don’t know what happened to the car. I have a pull out poster from American Rodder on my garage wall.


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