Monday’s Mood

The fog was still sleeping as I headed out the 118 to the Early Riders Saturday morning coffee. I tried the windshield wipers and to my surprise they worked. Sunshine has all the components to make her a great ride and since I was a little chilly (all windows down to be cool looking) I gave the stock heater a try. The heater on a 48 came from the factory and really puts out the heat and defrost. Things were looking good so far. The destination is about 1/2 hour from my house so I had plenty of time to dream as the sound of the exhaust almost put me to sleep at that time in the morning. Being alone in your hot rod makes you feel good and you can almost appreciate the fact that the fog had decided to sleep in today. Once I arrived at my destination, I could see the parking lot was jammed and I would have to park in the back lot. I had forgone breakfast and decided to do Starbucks today since the wife was out of town at wedding. Starbucks should be called Five Bucks as that is the average amount I spend when visiting their store.

I walked around and looked at some of the nice cars and talked to a few people I knew. I noticed there was a young couple looking at Sunshine for more than a glance, so I quickly drank my coffee and asked them if I could answer any questions. I had left a flyer about the car on the seat and they had taken a copy. The lady asked the most questions as she wanted the car for herself. After a short time, she asked if they could drive it and I said sure. I would ride in the back seat. As I opened the drivers door and reached for my keys I suddenly realized I had left them on the outside table at Starbucks. How embarrassing when you are trying to make a sale. I excused myself and ran back to the store and was handed the keys by a waitress who said she knew I would be back. Thanks Sherry. When I returned the couple was gone and could not be found. Perhaps that was a good thing as it taught me a lesson to not put my keys and phone down on the table while eating breakfast. I had some more interest in the car but will always be curious of what spooked the couple or did they have an ulterior motive.

Deuce Days is in the books and my friends are headed home. I should have some nice photos later this week. Have a great week and keep your car keys in your pocket.

Stay Tooned!


A very nice 46 Woody is for sale and if you have an extra $165K laying around it could be yours.

Spuds Garage always has some nice cars for sale and this Alexander Woody is one of them. If you like stock woodies this is one of the best. A built flathead makes it a driver.

Greg always has some nice projects for sale. It is hard to tell the condition of the car but a 34 Ford roadster is worth pursuing.

My favorite photos are the ones of you driving your hot rod. Lots of great conversations take place while riding down the road.

Tim is making progress on his latest 40 coupe. He sent along this photo of his set up for the A/C and battery location. Hidden and out of the way. I am guessing the solenoid is a quick disconnect switch.

Spud’s also has this nice 32 Vicky on their site. I have always loved the style of these cars since I first saw Wayne’s in the 70’s. There is only one color for a Victoria….Black.

The rear bustle is a pure work of art. I love the license plate and Americans. Maybe Black steelies would be my choice but that is just me.

I saw this 33 coupe last night at the Rock and Roll Cafe cruise in but the owner did not stay long. You don’t see many 5 windows anymore.

I parked right behind this real 69 Camaro SS which was drawing a lot of attention from the crowd. Not perfect but a highly sought after car for collectors. Sunshine also had a lot admirers but no buyers.

I parked next to this really nice Deuce roadster which was parked next to a Corvair convertible.

Monday’s 40 Convertible!

Dave’s convert is always a crowd pleaser from the side profile but I like the rear view with the Studebaker lights and 49 Chevy license surround.

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