Monday’s Mood

I always like to start off the week with a positive attitude. My father used to tell me… “Son you can start off each day in a good mood or a bad one, the choice is up to you”. He was correct, as always and even when he was down, he kept a positive attitude and smile on his face. Somedays are harder than others to practice this advice but I always give it a shot. I have found this advice to work on challenging projects like building a hot rod. Sometimes the harder you try to make something work the more difficult it becomes. For example, I worked on making tail pipes for Andre and Pepe this weekend and found the cutting and fitting of the various U, J & L bends difficult. My positive attitude soon became very negative and I wondered why I just didn’t take the car to the muffler shop.

My wife suggested I work on the yard and start the project again tomorrow which is what I did. Somehow planting spring flowers put me in a better mood and I forgot about the project until today. The morale of the story is if you are not in a good mood work on something that will put you in a good mood. Makes sense to me — just like my father taught me.Thanks Dad.

Reading the HAMB, I was happy to see all the great photos from Del Mar and the LSR. I am sure the folks who attended had a great time and thanks for the photos. I hope to make the TX show one of these years. The NSRA show in Bakersfield is coming up the 26th and the Doheny Woody show is in Dana Point this weekend. I am probably going to Doheny Wood as my wife loves Dana Point which was where we raised our family.

The season is underway and promises to be a great one so get your Hot Rod ready for some road trips.

Stay Tooned!


Some of you wanted to know about Friday’s post about trading your hiboy for a new Corvette. Here is the new 2014 beauty on display at the HRH. Don’t tell my wife.

Downtown Windsor,Ontario with a couple of my favorites cars from the HAMB… John, do you know these guys?

Some builders use some very unique license plate brackets on their hiboy roadsters.

Lil John built this slick ride for his son, Chris. I first saw this car at CSR’s when he worked there with Chuck. John was always way ahead of the curve in his thinking.

Here is a Kugel IFS on a 1940 Woody. Note the steering rack is mounted in the rear as opposed to the front mounted unit.

A recent purchase and a good one is this Folkstone beauty 1940 Ford Woody.

John has all the cool cars, memorabilia and V8 parts you could ever hope for.

Gauges were and important part of the early roadsters. Axle Stewart’s car had some really large easy to read units. John owns this one also.

When you run out of room you just cut your woody in half and mount it on the wall. George likes this one.

Toppers Tuesday Roadster!

Now this model 40 looks right at home by the water. Maybe he would like to join the Roadster Boys for lunch in Santa Barbara. I miss Lucy and so does Pepe.

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