Monday’s Mood

The weekend was filled with rain and damp weather. I worked some on Saturday morning but Dave called and wanted me to go with him to look at a Deuce sedan hiboy he was interested in. I was happy to ride along to see the sedan. As we approached the area, I thought I had been in this area previously and sure enough it was the same house I looked at another sedan a few years ago.

The owner had sold his previous project and bought a done car. (Sounds like a good idea) The car was located in the rear garage on a lift so we could really look it over as only two old dudes can do. The car came from back east but was in great shape. We spent 3 hours looking at the car and bench racing about this car’s build style. Rather than the typical 350/350, 9 inch this car was built with a stock 32 chassis, a 46 flatty and a dropped axle. The original builder spent lots of time detailing the suspension components and painting the car in shiny black single stage. A while firewall was added for the pure early hot rod look. The car was a real looker and had lots of curb appeal.

While a car like this looks great I am not sure how far you could drive it on the LA freeways but for a local donut shop cruiser you couldn’t ask for a better example. The expense is less than a modern build, and if you do the paint work and assembly it would require far less cash out of your bank account. If all the old traditional stuff is in good working order you could have a real hot rod from the 40’s.

There were numerous events this past weekend but due to the rain I didn’t attend any of them. Have a great weekend and shop early.

Stay Tooned!


I love when the car is on a lift so you can see the undercarriage and the details of the suspension. This one was very nice and detailed to the max.

The paint work was flawless on the stock 32 rear end with hydraulic brakes.

The flatty is highlighted by the white firewall and red engine block.


The old style dropped axle looked right on this build style. The shocks were bolted to the axle rather than the new style installed on the perch pins.


A fresh mohair interior topped off the look of the era. A Banjo wheel and 39 box was the cool thing back then and is still popular today.

Now this is the way to spend a rainy Saturday in LA. Lots of BS and dreaming was going on in this garage.

Wayne is building a killer 33 coupe with the perfect wheel and tire combination. This look never goes out of style.

I really like this rear end photo showing the QC, ladder bars and tail lights.

Roy finished the nice orange sedan with lots of louvers and Rory striping.

Today’s 55 Chevrolet!

I could be persuaded to put one of these in my garage. The 55 is my favorite of the try-five series. Roy slide a new chassis with a big block and 5 speed transmission.

My favorite interior is the black and white Del Ray style with the floor shift out in plain site for everyone to admire and envy.

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