Monday’s Mood

I didn’t win the football pool. The roadster’s new Quickchange is installed, but needs to come back out for some adjustment to the panhard bar. My father had an aneurysm and is in serious shape so I will have to fly to Arkansas during the holiday. My father instilled in my at an early age that out of all bad things that happen to you a little good will also come your way. He was always right. I wish him a speedy recovery with God’s help.

The little good that my Dad said would come my way is that I found a nice 34 chopped Tudor that looks like I could finish and make a daily driver. The chop looks like it was done very well and with some DP90 it would be ready to go. I also found a deuce Tudor in Kansas that looks like a good start. I need something that drives, so the 34 is my best option.
What I really need is a new building to store these cars and provide a place to work on them. I have looked into a couple of new places in town, but the cost of leasing these buildings is very high. Maybe I should convert the living room into a storage place. We never use it for anything. Such a dilemma!

Here are some photos from the weekend.


Stay Tooned!


The roadster a couple of weeks ago. Ready for assembly.


Deuce Tudor located in Kansas. Pictures show a real solid builder. Just what I need….I have a frame ready to go!


A really nice start on a 34 Tudor. Body looks very solid.


34 being chopped. Method used was unique in my experience. Final results look great.


QC ready for installation on Saturday morning. Looks good.


QC in the car. Now for the hook up process. Donnie will be hired to finish.

Sneak Peek


Here is one of my favorite 34 Hiboys. Throttlers Car Show in Burbank. Just finished the day before. Early Hot Rod look with mechanical brakes and all. Flathead was super looking as were the copper headlights.

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