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San Francisco, “The City by the Bay,” is always a beautiful place to visit. The City is packed with excitement and activities to keep you busy. The weather was typical and provided just enough chill to make you feel like you needed a hot cup of coffee to warm you up. Our family ventured down to the Embarcadero Center to visit the remodeled buildings with all the wonderful places to eat and huge Farmer’s Market. You could spend all of your money in this place without trying.

I stopped off at Tom’s house to see his cars and latest projects. He was finishing a maroon 40 coupe for Dave and I fell in love all over again with the little coupe. He took a stock 40 coupe, added a MII, 383, auto and 9 inch to make it a reacher. The car looks stock from the outside but will take you anywhere in style. Tom also just completed a really nice dark blue 3 window with a Cadillac engine and Sid’s interior. He just keeps turning out these great cars for customers along with a few for himself. His latest is a 1940 pickup with a baby Hemi. I do not have any photos but I promise to take some on my next visit.

We returned home and with a good feeling about the trip and inspired to go to work on Andre. It is always nice to see your kids, grandkids and some hot rod friends while in the area. As they say, “I left my heart in San Francisco”.

Stay Tooned!


Here is the front axle sub assembly in place ready to be mounted in the chassis. I have to work at this height to save my old body. Boyd used to have nice frame tables to make it real easy to build the chassis.

This photo shows the front end installed with the brakes (Wilwood) mocked up for a trail fit. I need the correct bolts for the bottom steering arms.

I ran across this photo on the HAMB and thought I should have this lift to make it super easy to install the body. This sure beats 6 of your buddies and a case of Bud. Chip has a lift like this in his garage to work on chassis at the height required for the installation. I don’t know if he installs the body with his or just hands out beers.

The LARS is almost here so I thought it would be nice to look back 10 years and see what it was like. Here is the SO-CAL booth in their first years in business. Business was good and the Brookville Deuce body provided some great opportunities for the professional builder to attract some customers. Pete has build an organization that has spanned the globe and provided the Deuce lovers a place to build their dreams.

Pete built Kevin a beautiful example of a contemporary traditional hiboy roaster that still is one of my favorite cars. If you see Kevin standing by his car, be sure to ask him about the build. He was fully involved in all aspects of the design and execution of his car.

The top is one of the best around. Using stock irons and bows Pete and Gabe duplicated the McGee style top that Kevin wanted. Note the snaps in the body as there is no wood tack strip installed.

I must have spend several hours studying this car as I have over 50 photos in my files. I like the car.

CSR (Chucky) built this hiboy for a customer while he was living in Chicago. He loves the DuVall windshield and made this one look right. I rode in this one and with the 5 speed it was a pleasure to drive. He used a Brookville and SO-CAL chassis for the build.

You need to have a good eye when installing a top on the Deuce with a DuVall windshield. Note the height of the second bow makes the top look out of proportion.

Here you can see the Bop Top structure which can be adjusted to make the profile fit the car. The top sits above the body which can look odd if you don’t keep the gap consistent. Sid can make it fit in his shop to be perfect.

The photo shows that you can adjust the rear of the Bop Top frame to fit tight against the body if you prefer that look.

Chucky’s own Deuce has DuVall which will have an aluminum hardtop constructed to provide the double nickel car look. He does great work and has the eye for design.

Roy installed the DuVall on this 35 phaeton and made it look sinister with Sid’s top and upholstery.

I don’t know if Steve (Rodders Journal) has a top but he sure has a very nice roadster. The rear tires show his love for his first roadster which was Lobeck’s show stopper of the 70’s and now owned by Bruce Meyer.

The Brizio/Bugg roadster was new this year also. Bubba drives his cars so he needs a top. Roy’s booth at the LARS always is full of my kind of roadsters. Note Roy’s roadster in the background with the Bop Top. The profile is perfect.

 Today’s Favorite!

Just inside the gates at SO-CAL was this unusual color Deuce roadster which I liked. A SO-CAL Las Vegas built car that really stood out in a sea of black, yellow and red roadsters. The Bob Top is brown in color. Are you getting excited about the LARS show? I am.  See you there.

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