Monday’s Mood

The coolness of the morning air along with the dark skies meant moisture was set in for the day. I was not ready for this but welcomed the rain. Rainy days are sometimes good for thinking about what you need to do next on your hot rod. I am perpetual dreamer so I have no problem thinking of what I would like to do next. My welder is in sick bay and I need to get him back running in order to continue with some much needed projects for Andre’s chassis. I want to be ready for the assembly process when he comes home. I have searched for the seal but do not have it as of today. I may head over to Fred’s and see if he has a solution.

I also started cleaning up the new Magnum axle which is a really rough casting compared to what I remember about earlier ones. I bet Bobby knows what the problem is. I used a flapper disc yesterday and removed the roughness from the top and bottom surfaces but I think I will take it to DMP and have it roughed out for powder coating. Bill doesn’t recommend  coating them as cast. I did my last one the same way but was hoping to avoid the polishing process. I spent a couple of hours and determined that holding a grinder out in front of me will do me harm. Polisher’s earn their money.

NSRA is this coming weekend in Bakersfield and several of our “Office” crowd are headed up there on Friday for the weekend. I am not going this year but will try to make it to Johnny Carson Park on Sunday. I have also started thinking about the LA Roadster show which is coming up real soon. I plan on having a swap space this year and will spend some time in the attic this week digging out some parts that I didn’t know I had. I have heard from several overseas peoples who are planning on making the trip and I want to make sure I meet them.

Stay Tooned!



Hard to see but I spent a lot of time to rough in the axle ends. Flapper wheels work great but they don’t last long.

Dick’s old 40 coupe is back on the block with a new interior and A/C. He sold it when he retired and purchased a Deuce sedan to gain more room for the grandkids.

Dave stopped by County Line to see how their Deuce sedan project is coming along. The photo shows the recent chop and body work in process. The chop looks mild to me.

The chassis is complete and has all the new trick parts such as Precision Parts aluminum bones and hangers. The engine is a Hemi. I can’t wait to see this one completed.

County is also building a Chevrolet sedan with a trunk. I had a Potter’s Trunk on my 34 sedan and loved it on long trips. We don’t see many Chevrolets in our area.

John loves customs and thought I might like this 36 with a perfect Carson style top. I do like these cars more and more.

Here is a 46 convertible with a Carson style top that also looks good. This is a recent build and I saw it at the NHRA Museum a few years ago.

Here is a shot of Wavecrest 2010. We do have some beautiful beaches in California.

This is a  rare 33 Vicky in Moal’s booth at P-Town. I have seen three or four of these cars in the past few months. Black on Black is back big time.

Today’s Favorite!

Terry is taking his grandson in Lucy every chance he gets. You can’t start them too young. I can’t wait for Syd to ride along with me. I love the hat and smile.

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