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I have a great weekend in the garage working on Andre. The sports events kept me in touch with my second love and today I feel like it was one of my better weekends for accomplishments. I ran into a situation I have not encountered before and that is weld cracking. For some reason when doing some TIG welding the moment I stopped the torch the weld wanted to crack. I stopped and looked up the problem on the net and found several probable causes. The most common cause is stopping the torch too quick and the second is the bead needs to be wider that I was using. I did not solve the problem and waited until today when the weather is going to be warmer. I will let you know what I found out as I sure don’t want the weld to fail on critical parts.

Car sales have been good so far this month. I think the IRS must have been good to many folks and they are out spending their returns. Overall, the price of Hot Rods has gone down during this weak economy but a good car still brings the bucks to the right buyer. You need to find the right buyer to sell your above market priced car. Some people who can afford these toys will still pay your price for a good car. The reason being is you have instant gratification and usually at a much reduced rate from having a car built. If you are a Deuce lover you will find all the Deuce roadsters, coupes and sedans you need to on the internet. Forty Fords are another hot commodity and are less expensive than a Deuce. I had seen some nice stock forty coupes sell for over $50K which is where they used to be five years ago. I am not sure what this indicates but if you are in the market for one of these cars you better step up as the market is coming back big time in the West.

Lets keep the momentum going… go out and buy a Deuce and a Forty.



Phil sent along a recent photo of my favorite hiboy sedan at Roy’s.

Here is a inexpensive 40 woody by West Coast standards. It looks real nice in the photos. See HRHL.

The high end of the Woody market is this Woodies USA model that is perfect in every detail and priced accordingly. You only need the right buyer to sell this one.

If you find a good deal on a four door buy it. This is Kugel’s in process mor-door from a couple of years ago. Super nice and sold for $$$$.

Don likes louvers but has decided it is much cheaper to just drill holes to give the same effect. Note the square roll bar.

Here is a NOS Champ with the right style bells. The dark case is magnesium but would paint really nice. The differential is the hard part for these oldies but Ron’s Rear Ends can solve your problem. HAMB.

I finished up the transplatle and bone inserts over the weekend. This should be a really strong center section now.

I like to look at tops and my wife found this one at the Deuce Day. Note the many bows across the top to provide the shape.

Here is how he did the wire structure. Lots of work but it solved his top problem. This is a lift off top and you leave it at home on nice days or in the hotel room when driving to the event. This is a unique structure for a Deuce.

Today’s Favorite!

A very well traveled Deuce hiboy roadster. I have seen this nice example at events all over CA.

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  1. Interesting that the rod framework on the Black roadster top in today’s blog started out as a buck for a metal 32 roadster top. Jack bought it, had it covered and it turned out bitchin. Car belongs to Jack Linden from Prescott AZ. Gary at Cornhusker

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