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The weekend was great for working in the garage and I did just that. I have a lot of patience when it comes to working on projects but the notching of the front crossmember for the fuel pump has caused me some grief. I measured several times and thought I had it right but after seeing some photos the my friend Gary sent me I knew I did not cut the notch deep enough. After 3 tires and purchasing a fuel pump I know have it so everything fits like it should and look good. I still have to weld in place tomorrow but my mood is much better tonight than it was this morning. Thanks Gary for the photos and advice.

The BIG 3 had lots of buyers and sellers. I wish I lived closer but it is too much to do all in one day. Dave sent along a couple of his favorite cars in the swap area. I may try to make it next year and stay the weekend in beautiful scenic San Diego.

I hope the weather warms up for the Deuce Week activities as it is really cold today. I closed the door and turned on the heater. (electric only) If this weather continues I am going to invest in a hanging gas heater…just kidding. The wife is helping reinstall the engine tomorrow for the final fuel pump fitting. She thinks it is like making a dress… trial and error. Oh well!

I am off to the show, so more later.

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Rex’s boss, Dave, is building a super hiboy that has a lot of the DS car features and some of his own. He has the original dash out of the Spencer car installed in his creation. Rex is the main metal man at Custom Auto in Loveland.

A very nice looking 40 convert was for sale  and I don’t know if it sold or not. Dave didn’t get the price but I am sure it was high.

The 33 Ford Panel really makes a nice swap meet vehicle. I use to fill my delivery with parts and buy more for the next meet. I miss those days.

The 2012 Riddler Award winner was this 55 T-Bird with all the trimmings you could put on one. Congratulations to the winner… Detroit is full of heavy show type vehicles which compete for the Great 8.

Lowry can build some nice model 40’s. I even like it without the fenders.

Here is the finished product. How do you like it? I would love this one in my garage. Will they have model 40 week next?

Sam has the 5 window that sez it all. Hot Rod, Street Rod, Traditional and, of course, Flatty. I love it.

Cornhusker built this one and it now rides the streets of LA. The profile is right on the money.

If you want a really clean look with drum brakes, the Lincoln backing plates are nice looking. You can even purchase the water ring for the 41 Lincoln look.

 Today’s Deuces

Some people don’t need to go to the Petersen as they have their own Deuce Week in the garage.

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