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I am happy to report the little 5 window coupe with the bias tires made the long trip to Bonneville without any problems.  When you stop and think about it, bias belt tires carried cars across America for many years and now with improved technology and rubber content the current day bias tires should do just fine.  I have been watching the results on the net and some 300 + mph runs have been made and records broken.  I can’t image 300 mph in one of those streamliners.  The thrill must be fascinating for the driver.  I hope to go someday and see for myself the racing tradition that draws so many speed seekers.  Good luck to all on the salt.

I have been searching for some stock upper and lower front pulleys for Lucy’s engine and have not had any luck finding single groove pulleys.  GM made thousands of these parts but no one seems to carry the stock ones in our town.  You can purchase chrome, billet and cast but not stock ones.  I may go over to Frantic’s this afternoon and see if he has any in his inventory.  I thought I had some but can’t locate them right now.  I also need a driver’s side alternator mount from and early GM pickup which I did find on epay.  All of these little things are required to make the engine operate as it should.  I am buying duplicates as Andre will require the same only will have A/C and dual groove pulleys.  I better head out now before it gets too hot.

Stay Tooned!


Note the nice detailing and generator mount on Larry’s coupe.

Here is a recent build with the early look.  I don’t know where you have louvers punched that are large like these.

If you have a rotisserie like this the work effort is much less than laying under the car.

Classic Bonneville in your streamliner.  Do these car flip…they sure do.

For you Deuce lovers how about a set of “Shorty” rear bumper irons for you rear. Bob has them in stock.

Here are the pulley’s I am after.  If fact, I would like the whole engine set up.  Lou has owned for many years.  Nice engine starter.

I am coping Gary’s engine with the alternator bracket and fuel pump routing.  I bet those hoses would work on Lucy.

Here is an early LA shot of the 34 chopped top Cabriolet.  Note pleated pants and I am sure he is holding a cigarette behind his back.

Tom is taking a break from his shop duties on the 34 roadster for the salt.  The car set another record this year.

Here is my 48 convert with the pulleys and alternator mount set up.  This is a SO-CAL unit but the truck unit works on the drivers side.

Today’s SBC….dreaming!

Dave Lane knows detail better than most builders.  Poteet’s SD has a super installation and detail.  Fuel pump set up is perfect for the three deuce set up.  Note small in-line filter from pump to log.

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