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The “Office” was full of people today and the conversation centered on some cars that showed up for sale over the weekend and the monthly Chuy’s cruise on Saturday night.  I did not attend as my son was home and we had a wonderful weekend with him and his wife.

Cars are starting to sell again and some people are thinking of putting their rides up for sale.  I am not sure why they are wanting to sell but I am thinking it is because they are downsizing their inventory and putting some cash in the reserve account for future needs. I think cash is where you want to be today and not holding on to some assets that are depreciating.  Our government’s credit card is maxed out and is looking like a default unless an agreement is reached soon.  Whatever the outcome, I think we all need to put some cash away for the future.

Cash is handy when a “good deal” comes up and you just have to have the car of your dreams.  Bob has found a good deal on a couple of 40 coupes that he just had to add to his inventory.  When you go to look with cash in your pocket you will most likely come home with the car or parts.  Once you go back home without the items, you can find a million reasons why you don’t need them.  This is especially true with “Barn or Field finds”.

For you Deuce lovers, don’t forget the two big events coming to LA next year.  The GNRS “Driven Deuces” show will be held to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the Deuce.  The Petersen Museum will hold Deuce Week from February 29 – March 3, 2012, and have a full agenda planned for your visit.  Registration begins online on September 1, 2011.  You can register at  If you attended the 75th show you know you don’t want to miss this event.  Save the dates and plan your trip now.

Stay Tooned!


The SFSS sedan is looking good.  I wonder if he is going to paint the chassis black to match the reveal?

I think this tub was a sedan at one time.  It sure is slick with its laid back windshield, whitewall tires and Mercury hubcaps.

In the eighties I tried to build a tudor tub out of a sedan and roadster but lost interest about half way through.

Dave snapped this one at the T Swap Meet in Long Beach this past weekend.  Mark has one of the best roadsters going in my mind.  Stance and the top make this car a real looker.

The real Auburn dash and LZ steering wheel really stand out in the interior.

Black wires and painted posts are a classic treatment on this magnificent Deuce roadster.

Pat Swanson’s 5 window was out in this weekend at the Goodguys show in WA.  See this months R&C for a full feature on this new build.  Lots of details and a GMC inline engine with a Wayne head.

Mr. Brown has one really nice garage.  This is heaven on the East Coast.

Gary has a nice garage also and here are a few of his cars.  He will be at the Deuce Week next year.

I hope the recent heat in MN has cleared away the white stuff for the summer.

Bob just drug this two coupes home and is building up his inventory during these tough times.

Today’s CMG coupe….Dreaming!

Bob can build you one like this or sell you one he has finished.  How could you go wrong?

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