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I had a great weekend and really enjoyed the sunshine.  I am also excited about the Grand  National Roadster Show this weekend.  A friend of mine is being inducted into the Hall of Fame and I am really proud of him.  I have never been a show car kind of guy but I love to attend to see the cars and old friends.  The local shops will be full of folks from out of town who are in for a few days.  I think I will head out there on thursday to see the set up crews working on the cars and displays.  I think I can get in but not sure about the process for thursday.  I hope to attend both friday and saturday to shoot a lot of pictures.  I really like the building 9 displays which this year is Kustoms.  All the greats will be in attendance for you to meet and obtain autographs if that is your thing.  I am not sure they will sign your glove box but who knows.  I am going to take a 40 glovebox for a signature of the great one!  Guess who that is?  My first car was a copy of the Moonglow… only not chopped.  My father and I spent all we had to complete the car, Tahitian Red, white interior, white everywhere under the car, 283, 270 hp with a 4 speed transmission.  It was the hit of the town… in my mind.  I sold the car when I left for college but always regretted the sale.  I tried to repurchase the car after college but I could never locate it.

I have been focusing on a new plan for 2011 which would enable me to complete my goals for the year.  When you turn 70 you need to realize that you can no longer do what you used to be able to and the yardstick is getting shorter by the day.  I am thinking about 40 coupes a lot these days as you can tell from my blogs.  I think I would be real happy with a daily driver 40 coupe.  I am limited by my inability to shift a car so an automatic is the answer.  I have had a little interest in my cars but not a lot.  I hope to do some trading and end up with a driver before Father’s Day.

Stay Tooned!


I have chased Max’s convert for over 20 years and still no luck but I do like them.  The top looks correct on this one.  Tim has the formula for cuttting the bows to flatten out the hump in a stock 40 top.

This is a super shot of the rear quarter profile of my kind of 40 coupe.  Simple is name of the game when doing a 40 coupe.

Folkstone gray is the color and the stock look makes it a winner in my book.  I think maroon wheels look better than black.

I like the simple horseshoe design with the door panel swoop as shown.  This is a standard coupe.

Here is another Folkstone gray coupe that looks stock with the popular red wheels and white wall tires.

Black on Black is a hot rod “Sinister look” on a 40 coupe.  Bob owned this beauty for a long time.

Yes, black is the color most people prefer on 40 coupes.  But then all you have is a black 40 coupe with red wheels and a SBC.  I don’t know what is wrong with that.

The color sure looks different in the photo below.  This is the color I remember the car at the Petersen.

I really love this Joe Nitti car and have seen the real thing several times.  Bob-O knew Joe and said the car was really nice in his days.  He also remembers the car was very fast on the street and salt.

Today’s Deuce roadster….dreaming!

John owns this former Potvin Cam special but I never see him at the runs.  I wonder if he wants to store it in my garage for a while.  I will take good care of it.  This would be my choice for AMBR this year.

This restoration started in Detroit a few years ago and was completed in LA.  The history is a little foggy but the literature on this car was the real deal.  The car was put together using a C4 transmission due to the owner’s inability to shift the car (like me).  Walton Fabrication did an excellent job of fitting everything in the stock K-member and it works perfect.  I hope John will send me some more photos of the interior, motor etc.  Maroon is welcome in a sea of black roadsters.  The car has a flathead, QC, and steel wheels with bias tires.  John drove it once to the PRC a few years ago.

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