Monday’s Mood

Feeling great this week, the GNRS going on, good friends coming to visit and the weather is super. I wish I had a Hot Rod to drive, but I don’t so I will make the best of it. The week will be full of fun as we always visit several shops in the LA area prior to going to the show. It seems like everyone of my friends likes to look at construction projects. One special car we are viewing is Ed’s new 32 RPU. Ed was the first to make a RPU out of a Brookville body. They in turn started producing them from his mock up. The car is almost finished so it will be nice to see one in this stage for a change.

I don’t know what to expect at the 60th anniversary show, but I am sure it will be great. I hope some really neat traditional roadsters, coupes and sedans are in attendance. I will be sure to take lots of pictures for my blog.

My site will be getting a new look soon as my son has a new design that we will be using. The 1000’s of pictures makes loading somewhat difficult so we are trying a new method. Thanks to my son who is a genius doing these things.

Stay Tooned!



Steve has a very nice 40 PU for sale. Rust free and straight. If interested let me know.


The truck has a slick R&P interior that looks great.


SBC engine hooked to a 39 box with a 40 rear end. Smoooooth………


The Bay Area Roadsters will be in the show. Stop by and say hello to Tom.


Here is Tom’s Deuce he has owned since he was 16 years old. Why wasn’t I that smart?


Don’s sure winner, a beautiful restoration of a famous Deuce. Rare set of heads on this beauty.


The Suede palace will be a hot place to visit this year. The Ionia Rod Shop has the frame of the day with their unique dimpled holes.


My kind of roadster. Drive and enjoy, polish only if feeling good.



Watch for “Girlie” in the Pepsi commercial on Super Bowl Sunday. Sandy is so proud.

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