Monday’s Money

Great weekend, Portland Swap Meet, Charlotte Swap Meet, Chambers Lane Swap Meet and the 33 is out in the driveway after two years. Who could ask for anything more. The weather was wonderful and Dave and I spent Saturday cruising in his 3 window he has owned for 30 plus years. We visited B&E Customs in the Valley and looked at some amazing work. Pictures later this week. We did the Munch Box for lunch and called it a day.

Sunday was the Chambers Lane show and swap which was mostly motorcycles and parts, so I did not stay long. I came home and worked on the roadster. Good Boy!

Goodguys was this weekend, but due to the back I settled for going to Hollywood Hot Rods and watched them go by. Visit for great pictures of DelMar.

Here are some photos from the weekend.

Stay Tooned!



Very nice 1950 Woody cruising to Del Mar. I followed him for 15 miles and he turned off.


The Saturday cruiser. Dave’s 32 3 window goes everywhere in primer. Super Deuce.


Billy’s nice Model A. This one has the look and detailed to the max.


Billy’s engine with 3 deuces and Corvette valve covers.


Billy’s interior, white tuck and roll, 40 wheel and SW panel.


Got the 33 outside this weekend. Feels good. Now to get it running.


Terry’s nice 41 delivery. He stopped by after shooting Skeet today. Yes, he drives this car.


Here is why….Edelbrock Signature Series, #40, 383/460 HP motor. Can you say torque?

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