Monday’s Model 40’s

I am watching the Raiders (0 – 9) trying to beat the Chargers but are having a hard time. I can relate that to my search for a model 40 chassis. I have chased down several leads but they are all too far away or in real bad shape. I am hoping the next one will be a winner and so are the Raiders.

The model 40 has been one of my favorite cars (right after the Deuce) for many years. Back in the 70’s, in the Midwest, Deuces were not that plentiful and most were very rusty. Once I relocated to the South, I found the cars were still hard to locate but at least when you did find one, they were in decent shape. I had a buddy, Andy, who had sold his Deuce 3-window and was building a 34 sedan for his family car. One day he mentioned that I should sit in his front seat and see how much leg room was available. He had installed some type of later buckets seats so the comfort zone was immediately evident. He knew of a nice sedan that was available but needed restored. We later went to the Shades of Past in Gatlinburg and Bob Wigginton had a beautiful Red sedan that was an instant hit with my wife and the hunt was on. I couldn’t afford the one I wanted without selling one of my Deuces so I put the 3 window on the block and ended up selling the body only — keeping the fenders and chassis for a future roadster build. I now had the capital to purchase a model 40 sedan for my family car.

Andy helped me with the car but soon the roadster fever took over and a Wescott body was sitting in the basement garage on top of the 3 window chassis. Here we go again! My job and family took all of my time for many years but I never lost my love for the model 40 Fords.

Lets have a look at a few today.

Stay Tooned!


vanugh 066_std

I do like this 4-door that Roy built for a customer. A very conservative build with stock appointments is my style for mor-doors. The red wires are a nice touch and look stock.


Here, for comparison, is a stunning 33 tudor with a Potter trunk. Mine looked identical to this one except I ran Zenith wire wheels in the 70’s.


The trunk was the rage in the 70’s. Jim Smith from the Hot Rod Garage in Sand Springs had the nicest one I had seen at the time. I set out to copy his car and was successful but fell victim to a nice Deuce 5-window the Danny had for sale. The trunk cam in useful for traveling with the children and provided room for the cooler for the adults.


How about a C-400 four-door for your next project? Look hard at the top.


Here is the same car with the top folded down. Note the trunk that has been cut into the rear bustle.


Randy has this nice 33 coupe project for sale. You can see what your are buying when they are in bare metal. No surprises!


This is what I am looking for — a nice clean sedan tudor body hopefully with a frame.


The final product would resemble this black beauty with Tacoma wires. The wife likes these cars.


The interior space is more than adequate in the roomy model 40 sedan. Note the tilt forward seat just like the originals.


My neighbor retired and built him his high school dream hot rod with a 409. The car started life as a hulk from the Kennedy Boys and turned out super nice.

34 3wDtroitblkHi 2-12

I have seen this cute 3-window at P-Town several times and always fall in love. He has all the fenders stored away for those who prefer fenders. Yes, it is a nice as it looks.


I think the gas tank cover added in 33 cleaned up the rear end of the Ford cars. Have you noticed that I like black cars?


One of my viewers sent along his mor-door that he is building. He wants a roadster also but is working on this one until that times comes around. Good start!


My delivery was a 34 so I have to show you a very nice one that was in SRM.

Monday’s Dream Model 40

nojoqui falla 2013 015

A local car that Fat Jack built years ago and it still is going strong. His “Lowness” can make the stance right on any hot rod. His son, John incorporates the same magic in his builds.


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