Monday’s Model—40’s

The Model – 40 Fords have long been a favorite of mine and I continue to take photos and devote my garage time to building them. I often think I should move on but somehow I keep coming back for more of the same. My first experience with the Model-40 was a very nice 34 tudor sedan that I purchased in New Orleans in the early 70’s. I was a young District Manager for GM covering the South and ran into the sedan by accident. I hooked it to my company car (a no-no) and flat towed it home to Georgia. I had a Deuce 3-window at the time and an extra Deuce chassis for a roadster but those would not do for my family. I sold off both of my Deuces and proceeded to build the sedan. The car was complete so all I have to do was take it apart, add a Jag rear end, dropped axle with split bones, a 350/350 and I had myself a nice family sedan. My favorite is the 33 roadster but a real one is out of my budget so I have been satisfied with the Wescott body. I am not sure they still make them but they are way stronger than the originals and don’t have the wood inner structure. I do know where one is sitting in a garage but it’s not for sale. Coupes, Sedans and Phaetons are always to my liking and I will show you some of those in today’s blog.

The SLO meet was this past weekend and looks like it was a huge success. FB is full of photos of the event along with many of the P&J Open House and the Hot Rod of the Year Goodguys event in Nashville. The love affair with our Hot Rods continues.” Keep the Flame Burning!”

The “Back Road Boys” are headed to Summerland and Santa Barbara for some great food and of course, some ice cream on the Pier.


Stay Tooned!



Kevin has owned this roadster for several years and changes tires and wheels to give it a different look.


I like the 5-spokes and the nice rake they provide. Eastwood chassis makes it a good driver.

34 ford roadster

One of my favorite cars from Germany is this 34 roadster with the Duvall windshield.


Same car with whitewalls and top. Germany is not known for roadsters due to the weather.


Wayne has been a Model-40 lover for many years and has this hiboy in his fleet.


My first 34 was like this one, Potter trunk and all. Plenty of room for my 2 children.


I like Hot Rod looking Model-40’s and this one is nice.


A Speed 33 is high on my list but out of my budget for a roadster. They sure look good to me. Jane likes the roll up windows.


Rodger built a favorite of mine with some skill and patience.


He always seems to have the eye for the top style and car stance…Perfect!


Chris assembled this beauty with some vintage parts and a perfect top profile. See this months SRM.


Lance added to his hiboy to give it a different look. He is an artist so you know it has to be right.

roadster 008

Here is an example of what I referred to as wooden inner structure. Replace with steel inner panel and you would be fine.

IMG_6486-e1379777702665 IMG_6634-e1381973758526

The cowl wood is what keeps the rigidity in the front sheet metal. Wescott’s is all steel.


This famous Fat Jack special was for sale a couple of months ago and still looks great.


Jack loves the low look, Black paint and Orange wheels — so do I!


I do like fenders on the 34 also as shown above. Side curtains help for the long haul.


Moving back in time we see a padded top and white running boards on this Phaeton.


The pre-war look is also popular with many of the younger guys like me.


If you have a big budget then have Roy build you a Speed 33 like this one.


Some think these are real but I think they are “Bitchin’ ” and a fine ride for anyone.

photo 5

Rich has one ready to go but has found that Woodies are really fun also.

photo 4

For the money the Speed 33 body is a good deal.


I watched this one being built many years ago and Geoff did the hood and other metal work. Should be lots of fun on the road.

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