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Congratulation to Bobby for winning the “Battle of the Builders” award at SEMA. He has had a great year with the AMBR trophy winner. He has built several Model-40’s over the years and I like all of them. He has the touch to making them sit low and with huge rear tires and wheels in the back and dropped axles in the front. Stance is everything on a Model-40 and if you just copy his model you will be sitting right. Boyd also built some nice Model-40’s during his career and the two of them were good friends. Boyd built more of a high-tech Hot Rod with his own independent suspensions and long wheelbases. Each had their own look and did well on the show circuit as well as on the street. I seemed to like the cars and Wescott made a nice fiberglass model that Boyd often used. I had him purchase me one and proceeded to build my style Model-40. While FG cars have a bad name today, I still think the Wescott Model-40 is a very nice body to build a Hot Rod. To each their own.

Have a productive week in your garage.

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Congratulations to Bobby Alloway on his win at SEMA. A beautiful roadster and also AMBR in 2015.


This in process roadster has a nice looking top and some large wheels and tires on the rear.


Joe has his 34 roadster listed on eBay if anyone is interested.


He sure captured the early 40’s look with his styling approach.


Looking like and early build going on here. Works great for me.


I see this one when I’m in the San Diego area. He drives it everywhere.


For those of you who want to put one together here is a look at the wood in the 34 cowl and doors.


Lots of work and expense versus the reproduction from SAR and Speed 33. Very doable but time consuming.


Here is a close up of the finished product. If you don’t have patterns they are available.


A phaeton makes a wonderful family cruiser for a nice sunny day at the beach. Hard to find in this shape but there are two in our area just sitting and waiting for someone to do something with them.


If you have a large budget Roy can build you a perfect one like he did for Bruce.


Not for the die hard Ford guy but the Speed 33 offers a lot of driving comforts for the people who love to drive their cars.


You “Old School” guys will like this tub with a Carson style top and whitewall tires.


You can also make the SAR roadster into a beautiful Hot Rod. I am not sure if they still offer these but I always thought I would like one. I am a sucker for the stock irons and bows on these cars.

Monday’s Roadster


I like the look of a resto-rod 33 roadster like this one from Lowery’s.

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