Monday’s Model 40

My love of the model 40 came after I purchased my first 34 sedan in 1974. The longer wheelbase and interior space made me a fan of this style. A deuce was still the most popular during the ’70s and still is, but I stuck with the model 40.

Items like original bodies, grilles, hoods, and frames have become hard to find and very expensive. These parts are available from the aftermarket which makes building more affordable. Building an all original car will cost you more money but will have more residual value.

The fiberglass market for bodies really helped the builder who couldn’t afford or want an original car. Builders in the ’80-’90s produced hundreds of fiberglass cars, many of which were award winning examples. Fiberglass cars were replaced with steel versions from Brookville and SAR and others.

The steel versions greatly reduced the value of fiberglass cars in the marketplace. In fact, you can really purchase a really nice car for about half of what they cost to build if the car was home built. Pro built examples can be had for far less than the cost of the build. If you are shopping for a Hot Rod model 40, now is a great time to buy.

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