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I hope all of you enjoyed the holiday weekend and are ready to make July a memorable month in your life. We have a “Roadster Boys” trip planned to Malibu which should be an excellent journey with some Star Sightings and beautiful landscape. I also will be removing the rear door on Pepe for some much needed paint work. I was able to remove the hinge pins without much effort which will make the repair easier for the painter. The remainder of the month will be dedicated to home repair work which is long overdue. I seem to have time to work on the cars but somehow need a lot of prodding to start on the house chores such as faucet leaks, sink replacement, tile repair and many more small chores. Just as putting off repairs on your hot rod, home repairs can be costly if not made quickly. I know most of you are faced with some of these opportunities also.

As mentioned earlier, I have a renewed interest in the Model 40 Fords. I think seeing Lucy at the LARS made me wish I had kept the roadster and finished it. Ray has done a nice job of making it his and taking it to the various cruises in OC and surrounding areas. I have sold several cars over the years and never regretted doing so, but I was younger and always able to build another one. I have heard from some of you who had the same seller’s remorse and have actually repurchased your old ride back. I don’t think I could do that as I always am looking for a new approach to building a car. Each time I see a new idea or read about a new item that is available I want to have one on my ride. Perhaps the way I think today is, that I would like a new car built from all new components or as Phil states, “Nutnold”. Starting with all new parts reduces the time required to prep the metal and chasing un-obtainium old Ford parts. New parts are less expensive than old parts and when painted can become NOS to some folks. I know there is some self gratification of locating a much desired part, restoring it to perfection and then bragging about the “Genie” stuff on your build, but I have been there and done that. The cost of that process today is prohibitive to most and that is why a new body and chassis makes a lot of sense to many builders.

Many well known builders will talk you into starting with a new chassis as they are much stronger, easier to build and result in a nicer riding hot rod. However, there are many who must have an original chassis with matching numbers to satisfy their dreams. Maybe it is the hunt that excites them rather than the 1-800-hot rod approach. Whatever you choose, make sure you think out the entire program prior to starting your build. I noticed that SO-CAL now carries the Speed 33 in their inventory, which while pricey at $28K, is probably a good way to go if you have a desire for a Model 40 hot rod.

Lets build something this month.

Stay Tooned!


Phil’s “NUTNOLD” roadster has the flames removed and is standing tall with the new look. I like it! He states, “It is a lot harder to remove them than painting them.”

You can just barely see the QC peeking out from under the car but the noise keeps you awake on those long trips up the coast. The top is one of the best I have seen with the Duvall. (Terry Hegman)

Steadfast Mfg. can build you a hiboy like this in 30 days. Henry has the eye for how a hot rod should look. I know Barry would have liked this example of an “Ohio Look” hot rod.

Henry has added the Deuce gas tank on the rear which turned out nice and puts the tank in the back instead of the cowl.

Another Monsoon Maroon Deuce going together in the Southland which should be a real asset for the Donut Derelict’s Saturday morning cruise.

At the time, Dave could have purchased this one from Pikes Peak Motor Co. so he sent along this photo to show how it turned out. Excellent in my mind. His is coming along nicely too.

I did not see this one for sale at the LARS but it was sold and the new owner would like some history. Looks like Frank’s old one.

The builder of this fine 34 truck (at Koffee & Kix) was nicest enough to tell us all about his build. Super metal, SBC to early Ford running gear and lots of detail.

One of the Top 75 Deuces in 2007 was this former Richard Graves R&C cover car now owned by Glen and restored back to stock. We need to stop by and see your cars on our next Run to Summerland Beach Cafe. You may want to join us for lunch.

Terry has a nice rare 42 convertible for sale at $30K. The car runs and drives and needs only paint and upholstery to complete.

The Evans family drove this fine Deuce to MN to capture this photo of there just completed 3 window.  The Super Stance makes it special.

Today’s On the Road Photo!

Louie is traveling all over the US in his 33 roadster. He stopped in OR to capture this fantastic photo. He drives ’em just like his dad did.

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