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The fires are gone and it’s back to normal in our area. We were spared any damage other than very smokey. The cars are safe and sound back in the garage with appropriate covers installed. I will need a few days to get motivated to work on them again. I want to thank all of you who sent your concerns on FB and mail. The internet sure is a wonderful communication tool that brings us together. Today I am posting photos of all years rather than one specific year Hot Rod. I really am partial to the 28-48’s but sometimes I need to increase my vision.

The Hot Rod & In & Out 70 year celebration is this Saturday at the NHRA Museum and I plan to attend driving one of the cars. The event will feature some of the past feature Hot Rod cars and of course all of the those who choose to attend in their cars. The last one I attended was very well attended so it should be a good show.

Veterans Day is today and celebrated on Monday so please take time to thank all the people who served our Country so we could enjoy our freedom. I proudly served from 1966-68 in the US Army.

Stay Tooned!


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Unfortunately some people are faced with the white stuff this time of year.

Sedan deliveries seem to be showing up a lot lately. This 36 is a nice one.

A 1940 sedan delivery is a much sought after model by restorers.

The 1941 model also attracts Hot Rodder’s.

A true High School Hot Rod like my friend Dave’s.

The 46-48 convertibles rank right up there in my book.


Lou has a fine collection of Deuces and Forties.

My friend Bob is building one like this. Another very traditional build.

Another favorite of mine is the 40 convertible.

Jane always liked the Model 40 cabriolet as it has windows she can roll up.

My love of the 33 is certainly evident in this 3-window.

Stock height and nice rake make it a winner in my book.

Vicky’s used to be the rage but are seldom seen anymore. The Zenith wire wheels really date the build.

This touring has been around for a long time also. Always draws a crowd.

1935 Ford cabriolet with Mercury caps and stock looking color is a real stunning ride.

A really nice profile on this 33 coupe with whitewalls and steelies.

The best view of a Hot Rod in my opinion is this one — on the road!

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