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March Madness has keep me busy while working in the garage and while UCLA was eliminated, I sill have the Ducks who are in the Final Four. I spent considerable time looking for the correct radiator hoses for Pepe. The ones that were on there were O.K. but I prefer a  one piece hose where possible. A SBC in a 40 Ford is pretty straight forward but I tried several suggested numbers but none of them worked for my application. My friend George suggested a NAPA number for the lower hose and it worked perfect. I have everything now to start the engine this week with Donnie’s help. It has been a long process and I hope the effort was worth the time and money spent to ensure a smooth running 383.

Hopefully, our Back Road Boys trips can continue now that Pepe is running and the knee has healed to a walkable position. The topography in our area is as green as I have seen it in many years. We need to hit the road and enjoy some beautiful sights while the hills and mountains are still showing green. The Huntington Beach Cruiser show was postponed until April so we need to make our own driving trip to some great scenic lunch spot. Jane and I will make a dry run to see where we will be heading next.

Driving a Hot Rod just seems to be part of my retirement. Granted, long trips in an uncomfortable Hot Rod is no fun but riding in a comfortable one is a so much fun. I am not picking on the short wheelbase Deuce as Walt’s Boyd built Deuce rides like a dream. The straight axle is O.K. but the IFS offers a much improved ride. Forty Fords ride much better with the 112″ wheelbase but can be improved with the IFS. The best deal is you local cruiser with a beam axle and your reacher with an IFS. I am still dreaming of another roadster.


Stay Tooned!


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Pepe had a similar set up to this 40 Ford. Two hoses with a steel tube in between. I wanted a one piece hose.

I ended up with these two hoses. The top one is from NAPA and is for the lower hose. The lower hose is from O’Reilly and can be cut to work with a swivel neck manifold mount. Thanks George.

Roadsters are out and about all over the world. Note the petrol prices in Australia.


The PRC had their roadsters out for a little springtime fun. Richard’s 34 roadster is one of my favorites.

Yes, even in Japan the open cars are making a showing.

They seem to like the tubs as shown by this 29 cutie.

Jake Morgan’s famous 34 roadster prior to being painted red looked good in race form. It was painted red and later yellow.


I’m sure this is the lowest 40 coupe I have every seen.

Nice photos from my FB friend in Japan!

George is also enjoying the greenness of our state by taken his new to him 40 woody out for some photos.

This 37 Woody is a super Hot Rod with a nice stance.

Danny continues to build winning Hot Rods like this RPU.

The QC really stands out in this RPU.

Another 34 hiboy roadster ready for the road.

Real or made to look old? Rear bumper is wrong if real.

Memories of my old Chevrolet from High School only mine was not chopped.

Three model 40’s looking good. Note the 33 hood in the middle one.

Joe Nitti’s son is showing a big smile in front of his dad’s famous roadster.

One of the best in my mind. Perfect lines and stance on Bruce’s Brizio built phaeton.

Sid did his usual beautiful interior to match the rare body style.

What a surprise when you lift the hood and find a fully built flathead with a blower.$$$

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