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The Super Bowl 51 was exciting to watch and when Brady is on (4th qtr and OT) he is on. I lived in both Boston and Atlanta during my career with GM and probably still root for the Patriots. Congratulations to the Patriots for winning their 5th Super Bowl — they deserved it.

Now that football is over, I can start working on Pepe full time. We should have it back together this week if all goes well with the re-assembly. I have all the parts to put it back to new condition. Lets pray nothing else was hurt internally. If the start up proves otherwise, I will replace the engine with one I have ready to go.

I would like to mention that the Havasu Deuces are having their second annual Deuce Day on March 2-4, 2017. I plan on attending and seeing the beautiful Deuce Display and tours of the local garages. Last year’s show was well received by all that attended. It seems that the Deuce Days have always been successful over the years and there still seems to be a lot of them being built and driven by both young and old enthusiasts. The staying power of the Deuce never fails to amaze me and I have always been a fan. If you are close by, be sure to make this event a priority. The season is here in our part of the country and hopefully soon arriving in your part of the world.

Stay Tooned!



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March 2-4, 2017

Lake Havasu, AZ


Paul may drive his beauty over to the show.


Dave may have his upholstery completed by then, but TX is a long way to drive this mega motor Deuce.


Danny is putting Senior’s Deuce back together after a bad accident. He has a stable of Deuce so maybe one will make the trek from TX.


Bob’s little 5-window was about as nice of one I have seen.


A straight forward build with no frills — just class!


The engine was fully dressed and shining for who looked under the hood.


The Woodie season is upon us. Maybe a quick wood kit and I could be riding in this one.


Back in the Chicago area Phil is getting ready for a season of fun in his beautiful 46 Woodie.


Bob’s 39 cream puff is one of the best in our area. Driven very little over the years and maintained weekly.


The 39 convert has always been a favorite of mine. Nice lines on this one.


The 40 has a completely different look than the 39. The center bows need to be flattened to take the crown down a notch.


Brizio built 34 is to die for but way over my budget. The tall wheels and tires give it a different look.


A fellow GM designer built his 33 and raced it on the beach.


Some of my international readers send me photos of their model 40’s.


I am still in love with the 33 Phaetons like this one above. My grandkids would love to ride in this one.


Roy has built some really nice delivery’s over the years. BRG looks good on the SD.


Note his added 39 lights and rear gas tank on the build.

2015 40 Delivery 021

This little delivery has come on the market and would make you a great summer cruiser. See For Sale Section.

Jim's 40

I love the color on this little 40 coupe. Maybe a light shade of CMG.

breakfast tour 001

At the end of a beautiful day in Malibu, we stop for one last look at our magnificent Pacific ocean.

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