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The warming trend continues with near record high temperatures continuing day after day. I don’t complain as I know that winter is coming to the Eastern states very soon and we will be cooled down to the 70’s. I do miss the true fall weather with the flannel shirts, corduroy pants and LL Bean boots attire that used to be my favorite selection for the weekend activities. I recall working in my basement in NH when it was below zero outside. I somehow survived just as I survive the 100º in LA. Goals must be met and work must continue with no excuses allowed when building a Hot Rod. While age has slowed down the process, I still manage to put in a good days work in the garage when possible. The weekend was perfect with College and Pro football providing some break time while finishing up the motor mounts. This week I plane to work on Pepe and do some engine and undercarriage cleaning. When you drive them like I do, they get really dirty and need a day of labor cleaning the components. While I am under the car, I will also check all bolts and hose connections to make sure I don’t have any leaks. Hopefully, it will cool down as it is hot under the car in the garage. HOA requires the doors be down while working on your car. LOL!

As October approaches, I tend to think about doing some maintenance on the house (much needed and neglected) during the last quarter of the year. I have procrastinated  long enough and need to “Just Do It!” I am sure you know the feeling. Jane and I work good together on home repairs and when we do get started — we tend to finish the task at hand in a short period of time. We did spend some time planning and driving our Octoberfest run to Malibu via the Mulholland highway through the Santa Monica Mountains. This will be the last” Back Road Boys” trip this year. The adventure is scheduled for October 2o, 2015. With the trip behind us, all is clear for some home maintenance. I will see if I can find the list I made in January.

Enjoy the week and put up your Halloween decorations — the little kids will be coming.

Stay Tooned!




The biscuits haven’t arrived but you can see how these side mounts will work. I enjoyed making them and hope they work without vibration.


The holes will not be added but I do like holes in most parts.


Seldom seen any more is the beautiful 34 Cabriolet. Fred was doing some work on this beauty for a customer.


I still compare most phaetons to Rodger’s. The car has always captured my attention. I recall him letting me sit in the back seat when he was in St.Paul.


A sleek little roadster with a lot of hand made parts and loads of fun built in. Banger motor!


Jeff is a hands on builder who like to call himself “Sawsall” for an obvious reason.


Here is another view of the Deuce tudor going together in SD. The top chop looks just about right to me.


Mike built this 3″ chopped version and it was an instant hit with Deuce lovers. Basic and beautiful!


This is where the sedan shines — going down the road to the LA Roadster show.

pews 32 sedan001

My sedan was chopped 3″ also and I fit in it perfectly. The chassis came from my 3-window as Boyd built one of his own for the customer. This was and old hot rod that Frank sold me and was rust free with a hammer welded chop that was perfect inside and out. I would like this back in the garage.


Here is my sedan when finished. The owner has had it for a very long time. Circa 1989


For you Deuce guys, this a Brizio built 33 that has the looks and room required for comfortable cruising. I still like the Duvall windshield on model 40’s.


Here is another 33 that has a totally different look and is in “that driveway!”


I receive all types of photos of cars for sale and this one looks decent. I know of a similar one in Malibu that has been sitting outside for 30+ years.


The first Santa Barbara Woody show on the beach. I had never seen so many 40 woodies in one place. I was in heaven to say the least.

car show S B 011

One of the nicest and different approaches to building a Speed 33 is this special roadster. Built by the Roadster Shop with true craftsman who produce quality rides.

car show S B 007

The interior is a one-off creation and fits the overall theme of the car.

car show S B 010

The QC rear completes the package complimented by the louvered deck lid. Very nice!

Monday’s Photo

201032 134

SLO Roadsters enjoying what I love best about driving a Hot Rod. If you leave it in the garage you are missing a whole new life on the road.


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