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Sitting for a length of time is still difficult so I will concentrate on cars rather than rhetoric. I did receive some news that the GNRS will feature Forty Fords in building 9 to celebrated the 75th anniversary of one of rodders  favorite models. I also had a sneak peek at one of the contenders last week and it is going to please you Deuce lovers. This years show is not far away and shops all over the country are working on some masterpieces in hopes of winning the big Trophy. I can’t wait to see all of the new cars being debuted in January at the Fairplex….make your reservations now if you plan on staying at the host hotel.

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Stay Tooned!



I think this is one of the premier collections of 40 Fords that I know of. Owner keeps them up and running for his pleasure.


Frank had his own Deuce day at his ranch. He finally has all the Deuces he can store. All cars are steel and drivers.


I might be getting old because I really like the shoebox convertibles for cruising the coast. Nice color.


I still have a desire for a Deuce sedan that looks like this one. Mercedes tan with stock appointments and late model drivetrain.


Dave is building this style of tudor to add to his fleet of cars. Just plain fun and never requires wax.

auburn dash 003

He just had Terry install a primo Auburn dash he scored at the LARS this year. Looks like it was made for this Deuce sedan. He has all the correct gauges also.


Roy likes the Auburn dash and insert also. He installed this one in a 5 window coupe. I like these dashes.


Mike built a winner using basic parts and lots of excellent workmanship. I believe this car is on the East coast now.


Keith is building his 33 “Bones” coupe and it is going to be a true Rolling Bones Special.That precious 33 grille sure looks like it will not survive for long as installed. They have the look down to a science and the model for others to copy. Nice job!

Monday’s Special Tribute


Boyd built cars will always be in demand. The Deuce 3 window now belongs to Walt but started out in my garage in the 70’s.




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