Monday’s Message

Have you ever noticed that some of the simplest task turn out to be monumental? I am trying to make sure all of Pepe’s safety items are in good working order. My wife noticed that the right rear taillight  was not working when she was following me. I decided to see what was wrong and determined it must be the bulb. This normally is a simple job. You only need to remove two screws and the bezel and lense comes off, but not in this case. I have been working on removing the bezel for about 4 hours and it still will not come off. I have used heat, pry bars and other forceful methods all to no avail. The taillight and bezel are both stainless so they should not be corroded  but something is making removal impossible. I will probably damage the bezel getting it off but it must come off to replace the 1157 bulb. I moved on to another project yesterday but I am going to tackle the problem today. The message is if first you don’t succeed, try again and again and again.

My second project was to locate the harness for the EFI which turned out to be on the driver’s side kick panel. You simply plug in the EZ-EFI box to the harness and you have all the information right in front of you. I didn’t touch anything because I need to learn about programming. They say a 13 year old can do and I am 72 so I may need lots of training. I am determined to learn about EFI as I like the concept and the responsiveness of the system. I know the cliche that, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but in this case I think you can. I find challenges both frustrating and rewarding if they turn out good.

It is cold today in LA but I know my viewers on the East coast are really having a bad day in the garage.

Stay Tooned!


The Kennedy Boy’s know how to chop the Brookville coupe and make it look correct. This one is about 2 inches.

The body is sitting on a chassis to ensure proper alignment when finished. The front post are leaned back a small amount.

Frantic knows sedan deliveries and built this one for Don a few years ago. The car is full of electronics and comfort creatures. Old hot rodder’s need comfort.

Sometimes it pays to go look at Craigslist cars. These two were very solid and dirt cheap. The coupe was complete with the fenders being in the delivery.

The B-400 is for all the Deuce lovers to crave and admire the overall design.

County Rod Shop can build a super strong Deuce chassis using their x member and Johnson’s bones. The body will not creak when going up the driveway with this chassis.

Here is the MORFAB kit for installing a 700R4 in a 35-40 Ford. Pepe’s is different and will get reworked by Frantic.

All of those EFI wires are inside the braided sheathing. I need to understand what they control. I think the injector nozzles but I am not sure. I will clean up the installation and use the braided wrap and routing.

From what I have learned each one of the 8 stacks has an LS7 GM injector installed in the housing. Looks kind of neat but I don’t understand the spacers between the manifold and the injector.

Today’s Service Wagon

John followed the owner into a parking lot a made a deal for this cherry little 1964 Plymouth Belvedere Wagon.

The Cirello Magnetos were the hot set-up for the early racers.

JR built a Mag wagon to service the racers at the drags. Jim Meyer did the restoration and it turned out fantastic. John found the Craftsman tool box on eBay and mounted it in the rear for his tools.

Jim installed a later HEMI to make the wagon a reliable driving vehicle for those trips to the strips. John likes to go fast and has built himself a cool wagon.

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