Monday’s Mess

The weekend was perfect. The wife and I cleaned the garage storage area and took down the boxes of Christmas decorations and a few 40 Ford parts. I am starting on the body and have moved it in the back garage where I can work and not be seen. The body rolled real easy and I now have it covered up with a cover. I will only have it outside for a few days and then push it back in the garage stall. Working outside provides a much healthier atmosphere when doing cleaning and blasting. I am only doing the floor so it should be done in a day or two.  A messy job for sure but it is required prior to installing the body.

I ventured over to the Roaming Relics car show and had breakfast with the “Office” crowd. I arrived early and the streets were full of cars (mostly late model 50-60’s) which I stopped and looked at occasionally. Many of the younger generation really spend the bucks on chassis, motors and paint. Some of the pro-touring cars are really well done. I don’t think one is in my future, but I like to look at the workmanship on these cars. I did see some nice 39-40 Ford coupes that I spent some time talking to the owners. I really enjoy the conversation with the fellow who builds his own cars or who at least planned out the build schematic. The enthusiasm comes through loud and clear when describing some of the problems encountered. I stayed until about noon and then came home for some good football.

The engine checked out fine and Ron is going to rebuild it for me. I am leaning toward the Edelbrock heads but I have not made up my mind.

Have a great week.

Stay Tooned!


The car reminded me of Lee Pratt’s old gold 40 coupe. Pat did this one in a lighter shade (Champagne) and it really looks good. The wheels are white with caps and rings. Nice ride!

A white rolled and pleated interior with piping fits the overall build style of the coupe as does the chromed garnish moldings.

A 40 coupe has the style that many of us prefer when building a hot rod. Stance is everything on a 40.

I used this 57 as an example of how today’s builder really puts detail into their builds. This car was very well done everywhere you looked.

Under the hood was a ZZ430 (#283) with fuel injection. Not overdone with bling, just good clean detail.

Parked next to the Chevy was this modern Dearborn Deuce with lots of bling and detail. The car was exceptionally clean and very straight.

An early FI unit was installed on a later ZZ motor with detail second to none. I don’t know how they get these units to run on today’s gas. This one sounded great.

A custom Mercury is always nice to look at. This is a local car and has the look with heavy chop and low stance. It is only missing the lake pipes with a pack of Lucky Strikes under the pipe showing the lowness.

I talked to the owner of this sweet little 39 coupe and we swapped stories about locating the correct paint codes for our rides. He hit a home run with his choice on his coupe.

The engine compartment had the look I love…simple and clean. The motor is a later roller cam version but the heads are double hump for looks.

Sorenson Top Shop did the interior and it is a perfect match for the woodgraining and exterior color. Note the period perfect heater. No A/C in the coupe  helps the non cluttered look so many miss in their builds. One does not have to have all the bells and whistles to be cool.

Today’s Tub!

Billy parked his tub in the parking lot and I happen to spot it. This used to be Bob-O’s and now is Billy’s. It is finished and a great looking tub.

Maroon rolled and pleated interior is a perfect choice for this car.

The Carson style top blends in nicely with the smooth rear panel. A black license adds to the look but is the real deal on this car.

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