Monday’s Memories

I just came in the house to check my email and I was surprised to see some photos of Lucy in her final form. I am happy that Terry finished the car and made it his. I feel a little like the first time I saw my old girl friend with a new date. It was hard to swallow and it took me a long time get over her. I feel the same way about Lucy. I labored for several years and fell in love at first sight. We had our disagreements and squabbles but always made up if you know what I mean. He plans on taking it to Del Mar on Friday so I may have to make the trip to have a look. Congratulations on finishing my dream car. I am jealous but I am partial to 33 roadsters just like the late Lynn Williams.

As for my current project, I have taken it to the powder coater and should have it back by next week. I will use Lucy as my old girl friend to inspire me to keep pushing in order not to become jealous and let her run off with another man. I love the building aspect of hot rodding but driving has become my goal since seeing how quickly Terry finished the car to be a beautiful driving hot rod.

At my age, I need to finish this one or I will be too old to drive it.

Stay Tooned!


I love this view of the front end , especially with the skinny tires, the beautiful 33 grille and the DuVall windshield. I know she is happy with her new boyfriend.

I think this is the perfect look for a model 40 hiboy roadster. The Champ and bells look very racy. He has raised the car up to the top holes on the shock mounts for the early look.

Here is the “Attitude” photo. I hope to go for a ride real soon. Notice how the grille, hood louvers and DuVall all have the slant that has become a classic.

A profile of the side really shows off the white top and the beautiful lines of the 33/34 roadster. I mounted the tail lights to hide the gap between the body and tank and they do just that.

I read where the Greenfield family donated the delivery to the LaMay museum in WA. I did not know the he had purchased the delivery from the well known builder from WI.

Vic had his father’s Deuce in Roy’s for some work and Phil sent along some photos of the perfect, real deal roadster. Simplicity is the answer to a perfect 40’s hot rod.

Notice how really clean the lines are on Vic’s hiboy roadster. Note the checker board reflection on the body. Black is beautiful on hot rods.

Speaking of black cars how about this head turner. Is this Reggie Jackson’s Willys?

I am wondering if Bubba had Roy repaint his black hiboy to the color shown here. How about the tasty 39 convert in the background? Roy has the crew to make your dreams come true.

Fullerton Fabrication has some really nice cars in his shop. The Ardun powered 3 window is a current project on the HAMB. I like the stock height on this one.

How about a nice Deuce panel in for some of Roy’s Boys work? Looks like a new brake system is in the works. Roy’s open house in always on Mother’s Day weekend  so don’t miss it.

Today’s Favorite!

Andre will be maroon but this one in black would be a nice mate for him.


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