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Our 50th wedding anniversary celebration with our children and friends in San Francisco was truly an epic event. We really enjoyed being with the family and especially the grandchildren. Our schedule was so tight that I never made it out to the fairgrounds for the GG’s show. In fact, we didn’t see one hot rod on the highways during the entire week. I did talk to Walt and kept up to date on the activities. The FB photos allowed me to reach into reality, as if I were sitting in my lawn chair, watching the cars go by. The P-Town venue is one of the best for us as our family lives close by and we spent 5 years in Danville which is the next town up the road. I told Jane, this is the first time I have ever bypassed a car event when it was under 20 miles away. I guess 50 years of marriage and thousands of car shows previously made the decision easy.

I am back home now and at the keyboard doing what I love to do — write about Hot Rods. My friend Bob, who has a fleet of Hot Rods, has decided to repurchase one of his past creations — a beautiful Deuce 3-window. This was not an easy decision as Bob is not getting any younger. Sometimes we just need to repurchase one of our Hot Rods that slipped through our hands. Not an easy decision when the use is restricted to an occasional trip to the Donut shop or local car show; but nevertheless, the decision was made and the car is back in his garage. How many of you have regretted selling one of your Hot Rods? I know I have regretted the decision only once and that was the sale of my 46 Ford woody. I often wish I had kept it and made it mine but the time has come and gone for that to happen. As the age factor takes its toll on our bodies and minds, we must all realize that it is important to have your dreams come true — even if it means you buy your old Hot Rod back. Congratulations Bob on your decision and I know you will enjoy once again — riding around in the “Little Deuce Coupe.”

The Outriders’ Picnic and Wavecrest will top off the month of September for Pewsplace as we head into the fall season. Both events are Jane and I’s favorites. People bring cars to these events you only see once a year as they are two of the best in Southern California. I better close and head into the garage and meet some of my deadlines on the chassis.

Have a wonderful week and send the wife/girlfriend some flowers!

Stay Tooned!



The Oregon boys had their 40’s out in force at P-Town. They build some of the best 40’s out there.


If you like pickups then this cutie is sure to please you. Maroon and black with wires is about as traditional as you get in a build theme.(FB)


This little 5-window has been around for a few years but always is a crowd pleaser.


I will always be a fan of a full fendered 34 roadster like this one.


I prefer the 55 Nomad of the tri-five series. Black on Black is a favorite of many Nomad fans. Lots of accessories on this one. (FB)


We are still looking for a new home for this beautiful 46 Ford convertible. New price and photos in the For Sale section. This belonged to a dear friend of mine who has left us for a new garage in heaven.

IMG_0538 IMG_0535

See Cars for Sale for this very nice 40 coupe.



Terry has purchased this old show car and is offering it for sale on Pewsplace. (For Sale section)


The stock 40 pickup dash is being upgraded to a passenger car dash in my friend Bob-O’s 40. Must be welded in place as the stock 40 dash is part of the cowl.


When the ad reads “no rust and black plate,” I have to go take a look! Bobby made this one perfect!


He completed the restoration in a short period of time and this is the final version. French flathead and lots of rump-rump!


The beautiful Ardun equipped flathead with blower is a common site these days but the sculptured firewall is also a piece of art seldom seen these days.(FB)

Jeff Beck 32 1

Here is another one that I should have kept. My Bob Kolmos clone that Boyd helped me with. Note kicked chassis. This later became a roadster built by Jerry and was an AMBR contender in Oakland. I miss Boyd and his laughter.

Pebble Beach Winner 2015


The famous Hirohata Mercury, built by Barris, was the big winner this year. This has always been my favorite of the Mercury’s. Mandy’s is my favorite convertible, also built by Barris. (FB) That is “Too Tall” Ganahl in the background.

Mandy Holder’s Mercury


Can you imagine being 17 years old and seeing this parked at the local Steak & Shake on Main St. in Decatur, IL!


I asked George last Christmas about Mandy and he told me and Dave that Mandy was a very talented man and worked for him for a period of time.

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