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I recently reconnected with a long time friend whom I had not spoken to in over 30 years. While browsing Facebook, I came upon his name and we are now friends. I have mentioned Mike Martens in many of my old posts when I was discussing Deuce frame rails and Brown Mold Deuce roadster bodies. He was sort of a Pioneer in building fabricated Deuce frame rails. I can remember one time when my wife and I visited him he had this old Deuce roadster body stored in his garage. I asked him if it was sale and he said yes. Jane and I hauled it home and stored it away in my garage. Sound familiar? In the 70’s lots of interest started to form on reproduction bodies and frame rails. Mike was an excellent fabricator and soon went into the business of manufacturing Deuce frame rails. I got transferred and sold the Deuce body to John in Canada who had in for several years before selling it to the current owner, also in Canada. I forgot about the car until I opened the February issue of Street Rodder and there is was – my old roadster that I had purchased from Mike.

John had alerted me that the car was going to be featured, but I had forgotten about it until yesterday. Gay did a great job of piecing that old hulk back into shape which was no small task as it was really just a shell to begin with. In the 70’s, living in Detroit, a Deuce roadster body in any shape was worth saving. I imagine most of you who love the Deuce always had a desire to own a roadster but settled for something more practical and available like a sedan or coupe. I switched to Wescott for my next 4 roadsters and then moved on to model 40’s and forties, but never forgot that old roadster I purchased from Mike. Thanks SRM for bringing back a wonderful memory and to Gay for bringing the “hulk” back to life.

The Malibu Christmas Woody parade is this Sunday and we will be attended as we do every year. Enjoy the season while you can and buy a roadster.

Stay Tooned!


Scanned Image 3

The hulk hiding in my garage in MI circa 1972….$300….thanks to my wife for understanding.


I can’t imagine Gay was able to save that old body but he did. Roadsters are always worth saving.

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Gay featured his Deuce in the Detroit Autorama for all to see and love. Thanks Gay for bringing back a wonderful time in my life.


Rodger can save anything with his skills and “99” paint. His phaeton from the 70’s was always a hit with me.


Since phaetons were scarce and out of my price range I purchased a nice Wescott and started my build. Rodger’s was my inspiration. That is snow up to the window’s edge while living in MN.


Barry’s debut was in Columbus in 1978 and everyone was impressed with this roadster and many clones were built over the next few years.


Bruce made Barry’s roadster his own by painting it black and adding checkerboard paint. Most of us would have kept it as built but we don’t own it.


I wanted a Lobeck clone so again I turned to Wescott for the body and the rest was original including the Bell axle. I was living in NH during the period of my career with GM…circa 1980.


Chris still builds a Lobeck style car and they will always be popular. Barry liked the painted Bell axle as opposed to the I-beam.


Winter is here and so are the hot rodders.


A nice photo  and I am sure the roadster driver is hiding in one of the sedans.


The side curtains in place, (check), anti-freeze added, (check), gloves, scarf and heavy coat, (check), O.K. lets go for a ride.


I like this one showing the heavy snow coming down on the beautiful 36 roadster. Photo from TRJ.


Christmas Special – Day 11


November 2011 057(4)

One of the nicest coupes I have seen in while is up for sale in IND.

2013-10-13 10.38.29 (1)

He also has a nice sedan delivery for sale. You can read about them in the For Sale section.

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