Monday’s Memories

I know all of us from time to time think back on the hot rods we have owned and wonder what happened to them. I knew my old car was back in town and I had a chance this past weekend to view my old Deuce 3 window from the 70’s. Walt arranged for us to see the car yesterday at Ron’s place. We arrived early not knowing what to expect. After all, the car was built to its current configuration in the early 1980s and had passed through several owners before returning to California. We walked into the garage I was simply amazed at the condition of the car, the paint, the metalwork and the overall preservation of my old coupe were flawless. I had all the build photos of the car and knew everyplace that had been worked by Steve Davis and Dan Fink. The car was a no patch panel car to begin with and was the best one I have ever owned. Paul Atkins redid the interior and really added to the overall charm of a Boyd’s Red 80’s smoothy. Flames had also been added but were very nicely done by someone back east. Everywhere we looked the car was flawless like it had just came out of Boyd’s shop. The truth of the story is that the owner pulled the car from Boyd’s and moved it to CSR in Huntington Beach where is was finished by Chuck and his crew. Sitting in the car, looking out of the 2 inch chopped windshield brought back memories of the car when I first purchased it in the 70s. This was my fourth 3 window and by far the best body. I kept it stock height for many years but the move to LA with all of the super metal men available, changed my mind. I was sorry I chopped it and that is why I sold it to Boyd. Walt and I headed home and all I could think of was that Little Deuce Coupe.

Life is full of memories and this one came back to me today in full bloom. Thanks Ron for taking time to show us your coupe.

I must go back to work this week on Andre but the memories of the coupe will stay with me for a long time.

Stay Tooned!


Ron’s garage is pure white and spotless. The front sheetmetal is from Dan Fink as is the hood. He reformed the front fenders to match. The windshield wiper was added later.

Paul did a great job of making a new bench seat to replace the buckets that were originally installed. I kept the stock bench seat when I sold the car.

The TPI Chevy motor was replaced with a Street and Performance GM Ram Jet crate motor. The firewall had to be relieved to clear the distributor. All the work is very tidy and clean.

Chuck had Marcel remove the gas tank and bob the fenders. All the fenders were original Henry that came with the car.

I ran into this 56 Ford pickup when I stopped for coffee this morning. The owner has owned the car over 20 years and it was really nice.

I can’t just pass up a truck this nice. The 56 big window is one of Henry’s best IMHO. Deep dished 5 spokes filled the wheel wells.

I love these garage photos of hot rodder’s building their dream. Looks wicked doesn’t it.

Yes, even the less popular 34 sedan can make a great hiboy hot rod. Hurst mount and orange engine make this a righteous build.

I purchased a stock firewall years ago and have never needed it but I use it as a reference for filling holes.

I filled the upper wire loom hole as I don’t like the looks of the wire running down the firewall from the top. The patch is 16 gauge and is a press fit for welding without rod.

I also filled the lower hole in the recess as I won’t be using it for anything.

This portion of the floor was rusted through in several places so I cut it out and made a new piece. Note the spot welds were drilled out and will be re-welded when finished.

Here is the patch that will be inserted under the sub rail and welded in. This will be as good as new without replacing the whole floor.

Floors are famous for rusting in the beads as they retain the water which causes the cancer. I weld up the small ones and grind smooth. Once primed and painted they look great under the bottom side.

Today’s Road Trip!

Brian and his friends joined Andy on the Indy trip this year and stopped for this great photo. I am envious of the “Roadster Boys”. Thanks Brian for the photo and stay warm until summer arrives in Tahoe.

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