Monday’s Masters

Watching the Masters and particularly Jordan Spieth, who at 21 years of age, is on the course to replace Tiger as the youngest player to advance in golf’s hierarchy. These young golfers remind me of the young Hot Rod Masters that are up and coming in our hobby. Take for example; Alan Johnson, Troy Ladd, Troy Trepenier, and Chip Foose who have made their stand in the history books as youngsters who made a difference. There are many more builders out there that are making it happen but, I am most familiar with the work of these Masters. The Master’s of my era were Body Coddington, Li’l John, Posie, Lobeck, Chuck Lombardo and Roy Brizio to name a few. My point is — that in any sport/hobby there will always be people who rise to the top of their game and be recognized for their achievements. This is a good thing as I sure don’t want to see the hobby become extinct for many years to come. Advancement in technology has helped the art of building Hot Rods, but the creativity comes from the minds of the Masters and the teams they assemble.

Take for example, Roy Brizio, who has assembled a team of craftsman who can transform the customer’s ideas into reality in a short period of time. His team continues to produce some of the nicest Hot Rods being built today. Just like Jordan Spieth, Roy started at a young age and learned the skills required to build award winning Hot Rods. He also learned to manage the team from the shop floor with a hands on attitude. While Golf is an individual sport, it still takes a team to make it all happen. The Masters continue to — “Keep the Flame Burning”.

I have heard from several of you who attended Del Mar this past weekend as well as many of you who are heading to the LSR in Austin next weekend. The season is in full swing so take advantage of time off and attend a local or distant event.

Stay Tooned!




Les will be driving his new sedan to the LSR. He will be doing this after flying from Australia to Dallas. He sold his pickup in the background and purchased a nice sedan with lots of room. Have fun!


My favorite photos are those of Hot Rodders that are on the road driving their Hot Rods. Gary is leading the tour.


Rick and Brian were on their way to Del Mar in these two beauties. Nice photo of two great cars built by Reeds Design.


Traveling in style is this B-400 with matching Mullins trailer. General Jumbo wheels look regal as does the Deuce.


Chick is off to the LSR and will wow the crowds with his Deuce.


Mel is finally driving his nice roadster. I have not seen this particular car but it is a star on FB.


A nice Speed 33 in black would be perfect for the LA area events. Note the 9″ on coil-overs bringing up the rear.


The car show season is here and this nifty 40 rag was standing tall with straight body panels and red interior.


Two three windows enjoying the evening hours at local cruise in.


A man needs a project and Greg couldn’t resist this Deuce Tub for his next build. I am envious!

Monday’s Woody


I let this very complete 46 Woody get away from my during my back surgery. It went to an excellent home and was restored with the beautiful wood work by Chris Monsanto. The flathead was replaced with a 327 for the long hauls.


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