Monday’s Madness

The weekend was a wet one but I still managed to attend some local open houses. Rain will keep the show cars away but the drivers always show up rain or shine to support the local economy. Times are not the best for most business’s and those who will survive are the ones who are holding open houses to show what goods and services they offer. Three events were held this past weekend to spur the economy. California Car Cover had a special showing on Saturday, DMP and QMP both had open houses and car shows on Sunday. All of these shops are located in the Valley and do quality work. They are not far from B&E Customs who I featured a few weeks ago.

I also ran into Sam Davis who is making some really neat steering wheels that he is marketing. I really enjoy seeing these shops put forth the extra effort to stimulate the economy. Many of you have asked who is Frantic so I will tell you he is another quality shop in the valley who can help you with your car needs. If you are in the need for any parts or services for your car please don’t hesitate to call or visit them to see how they can help you. We need all of them to be around when this downturn ends.

Shops that I have featured:

Frantic Freds Hot Rods 818-504-9307 Sun Valley, CA

B@E Customs 818-882-1611 Chastsworth

Here are some pictures from the weekend.

Stay Tooned!



DMP open house was a nice event for a rainy Sunday morning. People showed up even in the inclement weather.


Inside was well stocked supply of bolts, fasteners, fittings and everything you need for your car, motorcycle or boat. Hot coffee was also supplied. Give them a call 888-MRBOLTS (672-6587)


QMP was also open for viewing. The shop builds performance motors for boats and cars. The interior was very well organized with machinery, clean rooms and a dyno for building the motors. Phone them for your racing motors 818-576-0816


Walking inside was really nice as you could see the process and flow of the build. People roamed around talked to the owner.


Clean room was just that. Cleanliness is the prerequisite for a quality build.


You need a dyno to see that everything works properly prior to installation. I was impressed with this room.


Dick’s old chopped 33 tudor was in attendance and looking good.


Sam had one of my favorite 5 windows in attendance. He was displaying his beautiful steering wheels he is marketing. Watch for a feature on the car and wheels on Friday’s Feature.

Dreaming in the rain.


32 sedan hiboy under power, SO-CAL chassis, and chopped body in process.

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