Monday’s Madness

My son is getting married this weekend, so I have been busy helping my wife get the house ready and trying to find time to write about cars. A long time friend of mine, Larry in Michigan, who I have known for over 40 years, has a son, David, who is really into cars.  He sent me some pictures of his cars and  photos of some hiboy sedans. He and his Dad are building a nice one for himself. Larry will drive it I am sure as he started this car when I lived in Detroit.

The younger generation 30+, are really into the old cars and have seem to have the $$$ to purchase them. My son is into Art, so I have learned to love Art, but can’t afford to purchase the ones I like. Larry and I go back to my early days living in Detroit and working for GM. I had a very nice 3 window as did he. Larry still owns his, 50 plus years. I have owned eight 3 windows and wish I had kept all of them. The car salesman in me was never too smart.

Thanks David for the pictures and keep the blood flowing.

Here are some back East cars.

Stay Tooned



David’s very nice 32 roadster with flames and a Jag rear end. I love Duvall windshields.


He also has a very nice 34 Rat truck which Larry rewired recently. Primer is in today.


A third car is the family driver for long trips and all NOS 46 convertible purchased from Lobecks. This is a nice ride for sure.


The gang and the Lobeck chassis for the hiboy sedan. Larry built the body and he and David are putting it together. This will be a super car.  David is on the left and Larry is in the middle.


Hiboy tudor with a hemi. This seems to be a trend. Mine will have a Chevy…GM you know.


Another hiboy sedan with a hemi. They have to be chopped. See below.


The top is way too high for me.



For your Rat lovers, a nice chopped 5 window with a Nailhead.

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