Monday’s Looking Back

We had only been home a couple of days and thought we would rest up from our trip to see the kids. No such thing! Our long time friends were returning to our old homestead of Dana Point and wanted us to join them for lunch. The thought of hanging out at the Wind and Sea or Harpoon Henrys watching the beautiful boats cruise by was too much to resist, so we headed to Dana Point for the day. The drive down was uneventful with traffic flowing steadily until we reached the Orange Crush area. The slow crawl allowed us to reminisce about the area and enjoy the gleaming Pacific with surfers hanging ten at the annual Whale Watching Festival. Temperatures were in the high 90’s and the sun was burning the skin of those who were unaware of the what those rays can do to one’s skin. We arrived at their condo and heading for the Harbor for some tasty morsels.

Parking was difficult and we had to wait for a table but being back home with long time friends made it all worth the trip. I have long been a fan of being close to the water and boats. My father was a great fan of both also and we always lived by the lake and owned a boat. He would take me fishing and water skiing at a very young age. Seeing the rows of boats, paddle surfers and jet ski’s brought back some found memories of my children who were raised in this magnificent area of Souther California. Sometimes visiting your old location is well worth it to bring back some of the wonderful times in your previous surroundings. Sure the area has changed, but the experiences you encountered at a particular spot will always remain in your mind. We certainly celebrated our return to paradise.

Have a exciting week and stop to look back at some of your earlier days.

Stay Tooned!




Jane and I returned to our old stomping grounds for a reunion with some of our neighbors. The Dana Point Harbor bar, Harpoon Henry’s was a regular watering hole on Friday and Saturday nights. We were amazed at the number of new boat dealers now in the harbor. This stunning Sea Ray was my choice to replace any Deuce roadster available. Fifty-one feet of luxury and priced about the same as AMBR contender.


Boats are like Deuce roadsters, all lined up for spectators to view and admire. The price of admission to this hobby is about the same as owning a pro-built roadster, but the monthly fees can be staggering in a slip like these. As they say — if you have to ask you are in the wrong marina.


Some of the AZ boys did some garage crawling and stopped at Bob’s establishment to view some of his Deuces. Looks like he is building a new top for the one-off windshield. You can see the flathead peeking through those 25 louver hood sides. Interesting color combination. That is Bob’s 3 window in the background.


Bob has owned this master piece for a long time. He also built the top on this roadster which I always thought was one of the best profiles out there on the DuVall windshield.


Bob is standing in the background of his Firestone salesman’s delivery. He first installed a flathead but later changed it to a SBC for the long hauls to LA.


I have been busy building some components like the front spreader bar and steering column shown above. Next comes the polishing of the stainless steel. Why is stainless so hard to cut and drill?


Doyle’s 3-window set the mark real high with his personal touch chop and stance. Painting it brown was an even a more risky choice but the car has been a favorite of many  for several years.


Dave built this RPU for cruising the coast and overall fun. A Buick nailhead supplies the power and Dave supplied all the talent to make it go down the road.

SIEBERT 2014 014

Lew has a very special delivery with black fenders. I hope the snow melts soon so he can enjoy it.


High School Hot Rod would be my caption for this “Fat Girl”. I sure miss mine.

Feb 10 2014 010

Installing the Auburn dash in a Deuce is not difficult as shown above.


The expensive part is the insert with the correct gauges. This one brought around $3500 unrestored.


When it comes to perfection in executing design this one set the example for others to follow. Restored and enhanced by Don Orosco a few years ago.

Monday’s Model 40

Roys 11-15-2014 054

I am not sure what happened to this build but I can’t wait to see it finished. Scott has some great cars and ideas on how to make them look the part.




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