Monday’s Jig

As I have stated many times before, “Energy follows Focus”. I have been working solid, except for Saturday, on completing the jig for the sedan delivery body. I have completed the cutting, welding and have installed the front swivel casters over the past few days. I have spent about 6 hours a day ( I am slow) stopping only for lunch. The wife is amazed that I have lasted this long and frankly so am I. Tomorrow I will go to IMS and pickup some tubing and the stationary wheels for the rear mounts.

I have built this dolly before and I used it on several cars. The design allows you to adjust the length, width and height to fit you vehicle. The unit can be taken apart easily and stored under your bench or against the wall. If you build cars in your garage you need a dolly to roll the body and or frame around to various positions. I won’t let this one get away from me.

I hope everyone had a great weekend and I look forward to seeing some photos from some of you who attended events.

Stay Tooned!


I will save you the labor photos of making these legs but it takes a long while using a chop saw. The tubing is trailer hitch style which is manufactured for a 2 x 2 x wall tubing  slide in tongue.

Here are the pieces prior to welding on the caster plate. Heavy stuff but will support any car you want to work on.

The finished product looks like this. I use 6 inch ball bearing casters from IMS. They work really good on all surfaces except grass.

Here is the finished jig holding up a Deuce project I was dreaming of. Steve talked me out of it and Bobby has it under his Deuce sedan project. I need some progress photos Bobby.

I have been helping Bob work on his sedan. He has really made great progress by staying focused on the project and for him that is hard as he had several going at once.

The rear pan was full of holes so he replaced it with a Bob Drake unit which was right on the money.

Just to show you I am not against aluminum wheels here is a beautiful convertible. I would have to add tan steelies.

Here is another beauty with Billet Legacy wheels. This is a real nice convert from AZ.

Roy paints a lot of his car’s firewalls a Vanilla Shake color like this 40 coupe at SAR. I remember this from my early years but I don’t think Andre would like it. We added lots of decals for all to see when we opened the hood.

Today’s Favorite!

Steve could paint his fenders black and have a twin to this one. Steve no longer uses the dropped axle as he keeps all of his forties stock and that is O.K. by me.


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