Monday’s Holiday Update

I don’t think anyone would regret spending a weekend in San Francisco. The weather was typical SF… sunny and rainy but beautiful. The drive was not bad and the traffic steady. Our family had a wonderful time and enjoyed the holidays. I used to live in the bay area so I have lots of car friends to visit. My first stop on Friday was Tom’s house and garage. Tom is a professional car builder and racer. He has one of the cleanest and most organized shops I have ever visited. He is always a gracious host and took time to show me his cars as well as some of his customers rides.

My next stop was Gary’s house in Sonoma. He too is a builder and has a super neat garage, well organized and clean. My wife asked could he give me lessons for my cluttered garage. I am inspired, so maybe I can improve a little bit. Gary just completed a beautiful 37 woody that is one of my favorite woody’s. The project has taken a long time but the end result is outstanding.
I went for a ride in the rain and the car is simply a true piece of work. The IFS really makes the car ride like a new model. He thinks the Heidt’s IFS is the answer for people who want a smooth ride in a hot rod. I agree.

Gary is also a sedan delivery and roadster guy. A long time member of the Bay Area Roadsters his Deuce phaeton is my favorite phaeton. He also has a cloud mist gray sedan delivery under construction which has an unusual history. More on the car later.
My wife and I left and headed for Mill Valley to our daughter’s house. I had seen some beautiful cars and close friends during our visit. Being thankful can take many forms and this was one of them.

We had planned to stop in Central California to look at some more cars that were for sale. I had purchased a convertible from Cal a couple of years ago and he now has a delivery for sale. The trip down hwy 99 was uneventful and we arrived and inspected the cars. Both cars were un-restored but in good condition. Cal has a nice spread so we looked around the garage and then headed home.

The trip was very productive and I have some nice pictures to share with you. Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful for everything you have no matter what the state of the world is in. Family and friends in a beautiful place makes everyone feel good about themselves.

Stay Tooned!



Customer car from Walsh’s shop. Beautiful full fendered Deuce with all the right traditional stuff. Hemi, QC, Auburn, etc.


Here is the Auburn dash with the correct gauges. Note 37 banjo wheel. Perfect detail.


Dodge baby hemi with lots of blitz. Generator is a nice touch and is from a Corvette.


Top makes all his own top irons. This one is ready to go to Sid’s today.


Greg’s Deuce is ready for Sid’s also. This car flipped over a couple of times and Tom has rebuilt the entire car.


Here is Tom’s Deuce hiboy. He has owned the car since he was 16 years old. Note Halibrand QC.


Tom has separate garages for all his cars. Tight to take pictures but here is the 40 coupe room. Bobo’s is on the right.


Organization is the key to a successful built. Tom has this down pat.


This is the engine room where Tom assembles the race engines. Can you spell clean?

Today’s find…the real deal.


More my style. I looked at these beauties on the way home. Andre needs a big brother to keep him in line. The 40 would be nice but a complete basket case.

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