Monday’s Holiday Hot Rods

Several of my friends are planning to take their roadsters on a trip tomorrow to start the holiday week off in the right frame of mind. The 4th of July has always been one of my favorite holidays and celebrates our independence which always puts people in a festive mood.  Fireworks displays, Chili Cook offs and car shows can be found in most of our cities. Our local big show is in Fillmore which attracts several hundred cars and lots of people. Our pre-celebration trip is a perfect warm up for Thursday. One of our roadster boys has just had his hip replaced so we will watch him closely. Record breaking heat may cause some concern in the roadsters but the cool Pacific breeze should help the situation. Unlike the “Roadster Boys” from the Central Coast we only have 5 – 6 roadsters that show up. I plan to ride with Bob and enjoy the back roads and beautiful scenery of the countryside. After lunch, we are planning a trip to the Foster Freeze for a refreshing ice cream treat. (I like the chocolate malts) These luncheon trips seem to be a good therapy for us and keeps us on the road in our hot rods. I don’t own and open car but I still enjoy the topless tours.

As I have mentioned in the past, Pepe’s EFI has a fuel starvation problem around 1200 rpm’s and I could not determine the cause. While I was cleaning the manifold, I noticed oil in the valley of the manifold and upon closer examination determined that the manifold bolts were only finger tight. I tightened all of them again and went for a test drive. The hesitation went away, the power brakes worked much better and no more oil on the manifold. I am presuming a vacuum leak was the culprit. Now all I need to do is fix the leaking temperature gauge in the manifold. I have always been taught not to put teflon tape on the threads as it will impair the reading. (grounding issue) GM use to sell a thread sealer that could be used but I don’t know if they still sell it. One thing about a hot rod that keeps me interested is solving these little problems. If nothing ever happened I wouldn’t have anything to write about.

Have a festive holiday and don’t forget why we our celebrating.

Stay Tooned!


Some fellows are really into Deuce roadsters.This photo shows an AMBR winner, a Bonneville racer, a personal hiboy and another AMBR contender. I love these kind of home garages.

A few stops are always required to stretch and enjoy the landscape. Red is popular among hiboy roadster owners.

Bob is ready for the holiday with his fleet of nice cars. He prefers the sedan as it has all the amenities you could ever ask for and Sandy likes that. He is converting the 40 coupe to 12 volt. He is a smart man.

Don has his 33 back in his garage for safe keeping. He sure has the eye for graphics on his Bell inspired hot rods. This one would look good on PCH tomorrow.

This was a happy day for me when I retired and purchased a 46 Woody for Jane and I. I had hair back then, I think they call it a comb over. I wish I could put this one back in my garage like Don did.

Don is trying to figure out how to get in his roadster with his new hip replacement and Bob is in for his morning coffee prior to hitting the road.

Walt has a new beautiful Woody that should provide him with miles of fun and excitement in the months ahead. Chris Monsanto woodwork is top shelf Birdseye Maple.

He should not have any trouble keeping up with the traffic with this BBC under the hood. Walt likes to keep up with the flow on his outings.

Today’s July 4th Coupes!

It seems Bruce likes red coupes also. I have always admired this coupe which is a perfect example of an early hot rod. He has all the cars I like.

George has a beautiful coupe ready for his trip to Canada this month to celebrate his attachment to Deuces at the Northwest Deuce show in Victoria.

Make sure your grandkids drive safely in their Hot Rods. Thanks George.

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