Monday’s Highlights

The weekend proved to be exciting at Pewsplace.  Saturday was a little rainy but the garage was comfy and I fit the inner channels to Andre’s chassis. I was taking it real easy as the old back was acting up from the dampness. Tiger was playing good and I was able to spend the whole afternoon in the garage.

My friend, Bob, finally finished his long term roadster project and drove it to the “Office” for all of us to admire. If you have ever built a hot rod from the bare beginnings then you know how much self accomplishment you feel when you take it for the maiden voyage. Bob had a smile on his face all day long. Now he can finish the 40 sedan for some real driving pleasure.

This week’s challenge is to have the chassis sandblasted and returned to me for completion. (Does this sound familiar?) I had hoped to have it powder coated at the same time but I need a clean frame to finish the repairs. I will probably paint the chassis rather than powder coating as the pits and repairs will require a skim coat of the magic substance called “Pink Lead”. If the weather holds I will have the chassis back by Thursday. The car is literally in pieces and I have walking room only in my spacious garage. Ruby is safe and sound far away from the junker next to her.  She sometimes thinks I spend too much time with Andre but I love the challenge presented.  I will post progress updates under the Project section.

I am looking forward to Deuce Week at the Petersen Museum and hope to see many of you at the event. The tours during the week preceding the event should be exciting and for the most part are sold out.  The flyer stated “500 Deuces” on Saturday so I will be real busy taking some photos and notes for Pewsplace. The sickness continues with no cure in sight.

Stay Tooned!


Bob had the big smile as he drove away in his new roadster. Four years and wheelbarrows full of $$$ were required but he said, “It is worth every penny”.

HHR had Bob Drake’s new 40 coupe in their booth. They are building the SRM road car and it looked very nice. Speaking of $$$, I should think one of these reproduction 40 coupes would break the bank by the time you purchased all the items required for completion.

The Ford power plant is large and required the firewall modification shown. HHR does excellent sheet metal work. Henry would be proud of the Ford in a Ford concept.

HRD had this super looking hot rod model 40 complete with the required Olds mill. The Phoenix based shop builds some really great rides.

This angle shows off the stance and straightness of the body. No small task in black.

Eric is always the innovator and now offers this very trick cowl steering setup for Deuces and others. Note the pedals, wiring panel and firewall pass through.

I love bare metal cars and superior craftsmanship. The model 40 had all of that and more. Pinkee’s can build the look into his hot rods. Truck grille, cowl steering and the big Hemi scream hot rod.

Clean is an understatement. I love the welding and beveled holes they use in the construction of these cars. I know they have the equipment but it takes a lot of talent and experience to make it look right.

I like the dash and the simplicity of design which makes the package work with the overall theme of the build. Who needs upholstery when you have this finish staring at you?

Tom and Roy, both Bay Area Roadster club members, displayed their long time possession Deuces.

Today’s Favorite!

I saw these sedan a few years ago at the show but I have never seen it since. I really like the moon covers and chopped top on this good looking hot rod.


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  2. Lynn don’t know if you are aware that you can powder-coat over JB Weld. I’ve used JB as a skim coat to fill pits etc. before sending the piece for coating. It sands, shapes etc like regular filler but can handle the high temperatures.
    Don’t try it with the newer quick setting JBWeld it’s not rated for the necessary temp. Only the good old stuff will work.

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