Monday’s Highlights

The rain curtailed my normal weekend activities and I was forced to stay in the garage, watch football and work on Pepe. Sometimes forced situations prove to be very productive. Saturday after a visit to the “Office”, I stopped by the paint store to pick up some clear and consumables to finish painting Pepe’s chin. One thing about paint stores you will always buy more than you went to purchase. They always seem to have new items to show you. Buying the paint is bad enough but also picking up some item you may need in the future is part of their marketing plan. After spending my limit, I headed home to paint the base coat and try my new clear coat with the hardener already installed. Note this is a one time use (pot life 48 hours) so make sure you have lots to clear coat, as it is expensive as far as spray cans go. I had used some older DP74 and hardener for the initial primer but as soon as I sprayed the Screaming Yellow base coat it lifted and I made the decision not to continue. I wiped the complete chin with lacquer thinner and re-thought the process. Old hardener has a short shelf life and if it is dark rather than clear….don’t use it. I put the chin out to dry and the wife and I headed out for dinner. The thinner was still strong on my hands so she made me go back and wash them a little better. Sometimes they are always right in their thinking.

Sunday was filled with rain, so again, I tackled the chin with fresh primer and hardener. The heater helped the process and soon I had a nicely painted chine less the clear the gloss topcoat provides. I hope to finish the process tomorrow which promises to be sunny. I normally use single stage but in LA we have a hard time buying any paint that isn’t water based. Surprising, it came out nice for a change. While the paint was drying, I managed to shine some of the engine items that are aluminum. I think my next engine will be all black with no shiny parts. Ruby had the easiest engine to maintain with the all black theme.

My last task to complete was a show sign for the 40 is 75 display at the GNRS. I did and initial simple layout and ran down to FED-X to make a 11x 17 copy of fit in my holder. I wanted a simple sign to tell spectators what the specifications were for Pepe’s build. My wife helped and she will make another copy on hard stock tomorrow. The rain forced a a very productive weekend for Pewsplace and Foot Ball winners were all to my liking.

Have a great week and get your tickets for the GNRS.

Stay Tooned!




The Screaming Yellow chin looks good prior to the clear being shot. I will do two next time as I know this one won’t last long.


While the engine has very little “bling” it does require some Mothers to help the aluminum parts shine. The EFI has performed flawlessly over the 3 years it has been installed and was a far better choice than the 850 cfm Edelbrock carburetor that it came with.


I believe there are 17 entries for the AMBR award this year. I wonder how many will be Deuces? This one was from last years show. Winning is purely subjective but lately they have been to my liking.


Gabe just finished this Deuce RPU for the show. He has a good eye for creativity in interiors.


Another contender has upholstery by Sid who also has a very creative mind when doing interiors. This is another Deuce RPU.


We used to call this the body in white department where the painted body is up – fitted with all the interior goodies prior to being dropped on the chassis.


Tim has his own factory turning out 40 coupes, sedans, sedan deliveries and woodies for customers. This is his latest CMG stunning beauty with perfect stance and sheet metal fitment…no easy task.


Here is another tribute to the 1940 Ford. I like it also and the design would make nice shirt and hat merchandise items.


I seem to like the British Racing Green color on Deuces. This is a nice roadster to own if you must have a Deuce hiboy in your fleet.


Tim has a fleet of Deuces that would make any Deuce lover happy. How does he keep his garage so clean? Nice photo Tim.


Here is his Side Shot Saturday Sedan the has the look I like.


Long time East Coast Deuce lover, Butch Martin, has owned this classic roadster for many years. My second Deuce was an copy of this one with Halibrands on the back rather than ET’s.


Dave, who purchased Bob-O’s 40 coupe, is having fun driving it “Down Under”. Nice photo Dave and thanks.

 Monday’s Trends


A two inch chop and painted chassis with a patina body was a trend that was popular for a few years. Two inches is hard to notice but I like the proportions. I believe the cost of a paint job is what made this style popular…and it is accepted by many as the right look for a hot rod.


Mike, on the other hand, created this masterpiece with a nicely painted body and mohair interior. A three inch chop is about maximum for my preference. This basic sedan will always be in style and demand.

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