Monday’s Heat

Hot weather, fires and no rain made for a memorable weekend at Pewsplace. We were very close to the fires but luckily we were spared and didn’t have to evacuate our home. For that, we are very thankful for our local firemen. Our “Woody Guys” headed up to Woodies at the Beach in Santa Barbara with a stop in Summerland at the Beach Cafe for a 5 – Star breakfast. Despite the heat, the show had a record turnout with 102 woodies in attendance. The normally green lawn at Santa Barbara Jr. College was dark brown but we all knew the reason why and appreciated that they were doing their share. The day was absolutely perfect and the views were clear all day. Dave had a specially prepared pastrami lunch for us and he is quite the chef. Thanks Dave. We enjoyed seeing old friends, meeting some new ones and just plain relaxing — which is what the Woody shows are all about. I would like to thank the Santa Barbara Woodie Club for once again, hosting a well organized event at a beautiful venue.

The Hot Rodders were gathered in Georgetown, CO for the Hot Rod Hill Climb and from the photos on FB, the event was a real success. Old Hot Rods climbing the rugged mountain highways of the beautiful city of Georgetown seemed to please all of those who attended. A small Victorian mining town of about 1000 people, close to Denver makes this beautiful venue a natural for the Hot Rod Hill climb and old cars. I have put this on my bucket list for next year. Photos today are from FB contributors who shared their experience with us.

I am headed to P-Town for the GG’s show and meeting up with the “Woody Guys” for the Woody show at the event. Being busy is part of my lifestyle and I never grow weary from all the time I spend behind the wheel with my wife of 50 years. We are blessed with many friends who share our passion. Sitting on the front porch watching the cars go by will never be written in my epitaph.

Jane and I will be celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary on Friday, August 21. After graduating from College, we started our journey together by agreeing to accept those wedding vows and, while not always easy, managed to stay together side by side through numerous moves and hardships. She was always my biggest supporter of dreaming of becoming a GM executive and raised two wonderful children while I traveled away from home doing my job to achieve that dream. I look forward to many more years with her by side pushing me to realize our dreams. Love you, Jane!

Remember — behind every successful man is a successful women.

See you next Monday!

Stay Tooned!



The Silent Auction and Event shirt sales were the first stop we made after setting up camp.


We had a variety of trailers being pulled by the woodies. This Airstream was like brand new. Note the color of the grass.


By 10:00 AM the grounds were beginning to fill up with woodies.


Here is our Woody Guys set up. Thanks for the E-Z UP’s as the sun was very hot at the Beach.


Walt, Dave, Bill and Jim had a nice spot with good views and close to registration.


Just prior to lunch the lot was jammed with Woodies. 102 in total which is about 10 more than normal.



I was partial to this 40 woody with the LS engine and Inglese injection. Notice how nice the engine fits into the compartment.


Always a crowd pleaser, Sam’s 40 wagon with matching teardrop had the best seat in the house.


George’s 47 is an excellent example of a quality build with a “No Limit Budget.”


Hand made stainless molding surrounds the roof material. Held on with small push in screws.



The interior is plush with Mangus leather covered Glide seats.


Ron made the chrome bars for the seats reminiscent of the blanket bars of the era.

Hot Rod Hill Climb


Starting point for the climb up the mountain roads.


I believe this is Chris’s very nice 34 roadster he has put together over the past couple of years. Perfect in my eyes!


Another perfect example of an early build is Cory’s beautiful black Deuce. I hope that tape comes off easy from that Hollenbeck paint job.


Lucky shot some really nice photos of the event and this is one of them.


The small town was filled with over a 100 Hot Rods. I believe the Chevy was the winner last year.


The RB were out in full force at the HRHC 2015.


Bass’s 90 day wonder was looking beautiful in sparkling red with a tan interior. You gotta love this style of racer.


Lucky also provided this nice photo of a Deuce Tub ready for the climb.

Today’s Photos


I needed a crying towel when I received this photo. I would say the “Throttlers” have the model 40 market covered.


Jane was a very dear wife by buying me a small tool box for our anniversary. She sold the house.

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