Monday’s Heat

Neither raging fires or triple digit temperatures could dampen the spirits of hot rodders who wanted to attend the Outriders Picnic this year. I debated for most of Saturday whether to stay home or take a chance and make the drive. Walt called and told me they were going to continue with the event and he was going. I called Dave and early Sunday we headed for Irvine Lake. The fires seem to be burning east of the venue and while the heat was a threading factor to many of us, it was not unbearable. My temperature gauge registered 106 and that is hot for this old guy, but 5 bottles of water kept me hydrated. We arrived early, parked the cars, set up the chairs and soon were enjoying the site of hundreds of hot rods pouring into the event.

The number of cars in attendance was about the same as always and were mostly high quality cars and trucks. I have been wanting to sit in a Deuce roadster with a set back seat and Rick Reed and Ed Sich both let me sit in their roadsters. Ed has doors that are 2 1/2 inches wider (thanks to Terry and his expert metal work) which made entry into the cockpit easy. I actually fit in both of them but I really still felt cramped compared to a 33 roadster. Thanks gentlemen for providing me with the opportunity to try out the seats in your beautiful roadsters.

My wife always enjoys this event and this time was no exception. She looked at all the nice cars, enjoyed the Tri-Tip lunch and slept all the way home. George and Karen followed us back home and about half way home Eastwood flew by us and motioned for me to pull over, which I did. It seems a plastic bag had attached itself to my grille and was blocking the air from the radiator. I noticed the increase in temperature but thought it was due to the 100+ outside temperature and the A/C running full blast. Thanks Pete!  The engine cooled right down after he removed the bag. We were now about 10 miles from home when I felt the engine starving for gas. I have had this happen before with a carburetor but EFI is supposed to be immune from this age old problem. The computer should adjust but the car just kept running poorly and finally quit about a 100 yards from my house. I managed to get it started and limped it into the garage where it is still cooling down. I don’t know what to check with this exotic system but I hope to learn tomorrow. I am guessing I either got a bad batch of gas or the heat was the problem. I am grateful for making it home instead of on the side of the road near the fires.

Thanks to the Outriders for again providing one of the premier Picnics and car shows in the LA area. I look forward to them every year as does my wife.

Stay Tooned!



Dave and I parked on the hill overlooking the entire park. The only problem was it was very hot up here.


Here is another perfect pair of cars by Ryan Reed.


Rich also arrived early in his very nice DD with a stout LS3 for power.


George from Petaluma made the long trip from Nor-Cal to enjoy the day. His brother parked next to him.


Jane loved this perfect black woody and enjoyed talking to the owner. He will be at Wavecrest next Saturday.


This CMG 40 coupe looked like a Beford creation but I don’t think it was. Beautiful 40 coupes are hard to beat.


The dual quads brought back memories of my early Corvettes.


The interior had a lower valence with A/C which concealed the unit well.


The line moved quickly and we were soon served a delicious lunch of Tri-Tip beef, cole slaw and baked beans. Always very tasty!


There were some nice model coupes in the show. This one was very nicely done with a flathead, striking paint and plenty of detail.


The Q/C was hanging out in the rear for all of us to admire. The push bar was a nice touch.


A big improvement over the stock Model-A gas tank dash is this 1936/7 (?) dash and Banjo steering wheel.


Lil`John’s white roadster was looking good on the grass.


Parked down from Pepe was this 33 black beauty. Perfect paint and very straight.

Today’s Tub!


Fat Jack built this one a few years back and the car always shows up at this show. My wife stands in front of this one for a few minutes as she looks and wonders when we are going to have ours.


The interior is very comfortable looking with a wood grained dash and garnish moldings. The pillow is for the nap on the way home.


The unique trunk lid with rounded corners is stock on the convertible sedan.

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